Sudden appearance of the Rozzers on Roads and Motorways

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by The_Rattler, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I am Not sure if this is just me (or the fact I now pay attention to my riding) but over the last few days I have noticed an abnormal amount of mobile speed cameras around the M25 (north bit) and the roads leading into it (barkinghamshire and Essexshire). Are we now seeing the Blue light Tax collection bureau in action?

    I also forgot to add, many people had been pulled over as well, (5 I had noticed yesterday) going back to Essexshire. whereas on a normal day you see those stupid highways wombles trying to figure out what to do when something happens
  2. What was the expression? "Tough on crime, tough on the easy marks."
  3. It's nearly the end of the month - they're making sure their quotas are filled.
  4. Correct answer, collect your 3 points and £60 quid fine.

    Forgot all about that, so Its a fair observation
  5. Same thing happens here (Hong Kong) which just goes to show that coppers are bastards the World over.
  6. Unless you're old bill, I think you'll find out we know more about working on the motorway than you give us credit for. Failing that, publish your VRM and when you stuff your car into the central res, we can conveniently forget what to do! ;)
  7. tough times economy on its arse, public spending being cut, have to get their funds from elsewhere, loads on the roads in the North East, hiding behind flyovers (near Gosforth, sitting on bridges at Washington / Durham for anyone interested) :x
  8. That or they were filming yet another of those shite "Traffic Cops in Action" TV series.

    Same thing happened on the M3/M27 a few years ago: a few weeks of frenzied and visible enforcement activity and then normal service was resumed.
  9. Ah but are you one of Neu Liarbours Highway Patrol or a real copper

  10. True, but even normal coppers hate Traffic.
  11. come on now its christmas bonus time, just like everyone else

    They'll be looking to get you for absolutely anything.

    And for those that drive HGV's vosa will be self funded next year so theyll be like christmas coppers all year round
  12. Has anyone noticed the Highways Agency driving around urban areas using cameras fitted to the vehicles checking for cars with unpaid parking fines etc. Done while the nation is asleep.
    Let's be honest these are not policemen but Lairbours new 'Civil Enforcement' agencies. Enforcement being the operative word. Even traffic Wardens will have 'Civil Warrants' to check a lot more than your parking.

  13. I think if you look at my signature bar and avatar, that sort of gives it away, :D
  14. Dont know whats worse that you're a pretend traffic cop or an ex monkey :lick:
  15. I could go lower and be a half baked wagon pointer!! Touche!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]