Sudans President pockets 9 (NINE) BILLION DOLLARS of his countries money!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ex_colonial, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. I know its a "wikileak" ,but this is so big I thought it deserved a thread of its own
    Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, is alleged to have siphoned up to $9bn out of his impoverished country, according to secret US cables recalling conversations with the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, which have been revealed on WikiLeaks.
    see full article here :- Sudan leader accused of 'hiding' $9bn in UK bank - Africa, World - The Independent
    The mind boggles, perhaps we should just grab it & use it to pay off some of the idiots Browns debts off!
    IMHO this is typical of the reason we should not aid any corrupt African State!
  2. Unfortunately I doubt that anyone will be surprised. Must remember to give a bit extra to African charities as they're all having such a hard time.
  3. Curious that, with some exceptions, countries without predominantly Christian people are not nice places to live in. And countries which are losing their Christian heritage, are becoming increasingly unpleasant places to live in.

  4. Probably the tip of the iceberg (if that is not too vague an analogy for such a hot stinking shit-hole).

    Bashir and his crew are probably some of the most vile despots in the world over the past 50 years. Yet the African Union, backed up by the UN do nothing to indite the whole lot of them. All the sanctions don't stop the mercedez, chinese weapons and luxury goods getting to the ruling class, whilst the millions starve in concentration camps (also known as refugee camps or whatever PC name the UN insist on this week)
  5. It is curious that the self-appointed defenders of cyberjustice that support Assange spend all their time trying to knock out the USA, when if they were really trying to support free speech and civil rights they would be trying to crack accounts belonging to nasties like Bashir and Kim Il Sung, and sending the cash to MSF or something.
    I suppose its just easier to blame the Americans.
  6. **** me, thats more profit than even Blair has made from being PM.
  7. Don't tar Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir with the same brush as Blair! :)

  8. Probably is, but at the same time Bashir, Kim, et al. don't have the same ability to effect change in our own countries that the US has. If a country trots out the old, 'last, best hope for humanity' line often enough they ought to expect people to start looking for the evidence.

    As to this Sudanese chap, it's the scale that differentiates him from most other leaders rather than the substance. Even in our own countries they inevitably leave public office far richer than they entered and by an order of magnitude that can't be accounted for by their salary alone.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I read somewhere that less than one penny in the pound of Charity and International Aid reaches the country involved, and then a third of that gets stolen
  10. I spent five months in Sudan - away from the capital its as piss poor a hole as you will ever see. How on earth he managed to milk out that much beggars belief - but if he has, that's evil on a scale to put our own woes with dishonest politicians in the shade
  11. I have to what? Our own politicians have been mostly all guilty of similar financial shenanigans, albeit on a much smaller scale. What's the betting that if they had been as omnipotent as Bashir the scale difference would have been a lot smaller. Our home grown snouts in the trough may belong to guinea pigs as opposed to the feral wild boar of 3rd world dictatorships, but the crime is still the same.

    Until a politician informs me why we, as a nation, are borrowing money at the same time as paying out foreign aid I remain unconvinced about the wisdom of our leadership. If an ordinary household was overdrawn at the bank, maxed on the credit cards, couldn't afford to run it's essential utilities, why on earth would it be a good idea for that household to go on borrowing money and donating cash to external charities? To my mind it makes no sense at all.
  12. So, by that argument, the besetting sin of the Americans is that they are hypocrites, in that they pretend to a moral level that they can't deliver. However, it is more ethically acceptable to ignore truly oppressive dictatorships because they don't pretend to be any better than they are? What a strange world it is where the really vile get a free pass because, well, they are only as good as can be expected.

    There's a nasty cultural cringe hiding under that. -We expect more from the USof A because they took up the 'White Man's Burden' and are disappointed when they fall short, but we allow ghastly governments to get away with it because they are only Johnny Foreigner, and nothing more can be expected from the Wogs?
  13. Not in the slightest. People are short-sighted and stupid, so it's really only to be expected that they focus more of their attention on the nation that most effects their own lives. How many people really had their daily schedule altered as a result of the ethnic cleansing in Darfur or the crushing of unrest in Myanmar? How many, on the other hand, had it altered as a result of the invasion of Iraq?

    Agreed on the hypocrisy bit, with the codicil that they’re not unique in that by a long shot.