Sudanese Man Made to Marry Goat

A slight misinterpretation of Current 'Affairs' mayhaps? :D

All aboard....


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Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned shotgun wedding. 8)
Give it a week and the goat, wearing a burka, will be over here claiming asylum on the grounds that it was an arrainged marriage and against Goats Rights.
The poor baaaaaaaa-stard. I wonder if they plan on having kids? He must be sick of hearing people say "Now that Tombe bloke, he really gets my goat" in the pub.
having seen Sudanese women do you think that he may have got the better deal here?

he may only be saying he is Sudanese as a cover story when infact he is really welsh, what do you reckon?
At least there shouldn't be any argument about who gets to mow the lawn. 8)

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