Sudan visit to China

Just watching the Boss man of N Sudan making a visit to China.
BBC is upset as he is wanted as a 'War Criminal' or World Cort has indited him.
I know N Sudan has been causing bother on S Sudan border said to be over OIL.
Does this mean N Sudan to invade S Sudan and China get the OIL deal after vetoing any UN intervention ?
Chinese PM has been visiting Europe.
Europe warned off ? or no business deals ?

I wouldn't be at all surprised. Not that I think the Yanks will stand by and let S. Sudan be invaded for oil - not by anyone else, I mean.

On the plus side, if the PRC is getting wheens of oil from Sudan that we'd not be bidding for anyway, they're not going to be outbidding us on as many of the other sources. They do, after all, still have a finite demand and a rather bizzarely disincentivising tariff system for imported oil. Win-win.
Just a reflection on the way I think.
China needs Oil and is doing all it can to obtain it.
Ali Bashir comes across as a Bad Un in my books and is/was losing out as Sudan splits into two countries with the oil in the South.
There was another comment later that 30 June was last day the two where united.
So I do wonder if Ali has done a deal, found himself a market and China has warned off, Europe with the Deals it's done, Dave 1 Billion, Angie 14 Billion, Nickho Anything Airbus have on table and well Berry who takes any notice of him these days.


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