Sudan Presidents Arrest Sought by ICC Over Darfur

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. An analytical piece from Paul Reynolds. I have no doubt that the President of Sudan has committed war crimes but I think the move by the ICC prosecutor is naive and rather questionable considering the wider implications. Would also disagree with the comment that the ICC is independent - no supranational body ever is.

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This is the same President who gladly hosted Os sad - man Bin -Lid an during the mid/late 90's. His Government have supported, sponsored and armed the Janjaweed in their relentless quest to kill non - muslims and then half - heardedly denied it afterwards. But again, as Sudan is a 5hite hole like Rhodesia and has nothing of material value going for it, we all turn a blind eye to the genocide. Shocking really.
  3. Presumable a few Chinese, Russian, North Korean..........etc chaps are going to get their collars felt or maybe it'll be to hard, only go for the easy ones. Just to show what power the ICC really has.
  4. Oh, on the contrary, the Chinese are pumping tons of oil out of Sudan
  5. so, i guess he will join the long list of fugatives from the ICC, who are unlikely to ever be prosecuted.

    Until the ICC gets some teeth, this is all just hot air.
  6. I agree with your sentiments mate, but your arguments are slightly flawed.
    The people being persecuted are on the whole 'muslim' but are regarded as 'black african' as oppose to 'african arab'. Sudan has a lot going for it! It is particlarly rich in minerals and there is believed to be oil in the region as well (can't be explored properly due to the country being in a nigh on continual state of war since independence from Britain). The UN has categorically stated that although there are significant crimes against humanity there is no evidence of genocide (not my words or sentiments). This is why the UN is finding it so difficult to act in this respect. Unfortunatley a lot of the problems in Sudan are the fault of the British and a policy of investing heavily in the North of Sudan, whilst under our administration (guess which ethnic group lives there?........and it's not the 'Africans'). Depending on which paper you read or which NGO you listen to, there have 200K-400k deaths directly attributable to the situation in Darfur and internal and external displacement of about 3-4M pax. The whole region is primed to kick off big time, with Chad in a state of self proclaimed War and the CAR rattling sabres too. Egypt/ France are big investors as are the Chinese. Britain are slinging cash at the Sudanese in a diplomatic effort to curtail the human impact. But like you say, mate, "shocking". Sometimes I wonder why Britain doesn't take the bull by the horns and start assassinating these fcukwits in charge of tinpot regimes?
  7. I understand why we stopped getting the indicted criminals in the balkans, but I am inclined to say, that these guys should be given 1 month, then given a warning. If they haven't handed themselves in to the hague after that, they should be taken by force, and if they are killed in the process, "oh well, never mind..... next!" (even if the only means of 'arrest' is a TLAM)

    As mentioned previously, until the ICC geet some teeth, its just hot air and will be ignored.

    I guess i do not understand all the issues, but it seems to me we are 'happy' to withness the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, rather than get our hands a little bloody by taking out a dictator or two.