Sudan Ousts British Officer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Well, he's not African and without being too cynical, no African country wants the White Man of the West prying too deeply into their affairs.

    Just imagine the precedent that it would set!

    On the other hand, I firmly believe that Africa should sort its own problems out - or at least try.
  2. Thats how the troubles started in the first place!
  3. You are blaming Africans for Op Banner?
  4. NO! I'm not even sure what "op banner is". please enlighten me.

    I am saying that the numerous conflicts (ridiculously violent and sadistic) in Africa are caused by the power vacume created after "we" (the colonists) were no longer in power and numerous groups, tribes, militias etc were contesting for power between themselves. Hence the terrible regimes in place in Africa who only came to power because they had more guns or were most gruesome (or had help from white chaps who wanted to profit from the conflicts).
  5. Falklands Task Force wasn't it?
  6. op banner: I thought it was...
    it was the Northern Ireland campaign he was being awkward because I used the term "troubles".
    Bar steward.
  7. Think that merits a WAH!
  8. WAAAAAH!!!

    I'll get me coat........

    Edit: ChilliPepper got there first. Damn spastic fingers....
  9. HeHe! Some pretty far reaching consequences there eh?! 8O
  10. This is interesting on a couple of accounts.

    1. Bashir (Sudanese President) said that aid agencies where enemies of the state back in 1996. Reason was that they could report government "actions" against the people of Darfur and OXFAM got into the brown smeely stuff as a result. They threw out the UN High Commisioner Egland around the same time.

    2. If in double blame the white bloke. I suspect that the good Brigadier (who I have served with) was being just a little too effective for the Sudanese Governments liking. He also served in Bosnia so is well versed in the inefficiencies of the UN so was probably trying to work around those as well, which I would doubt put him at the top of some peoples Christmas card list.

    I have been studing Darfur as part of an OU Post Graduate "thing" and all the potential for another disaster is in the making because the new UN force is neither robust enough nor capable. They need helicopters (so do we!!) intelligence and mapping capability, strategic lift and better tactical mobility all under a robust mandate under the UN Responsibility to Protect (RtP) doctrine - which is a fine set of words, but as yet just that. Within the doctrine is the "Responsibility to React" (RtR) to respond to copelling need (in this case mass murder, genocide, whatever) and possible military intervention.

    Darfur fits the bill for RtP and RtR in many respects but the UN/African Union Force deploying is not going to be able to do much. The end result will see another round of hand ringing while the Western media (of all persuasions) will demand that something be done, but not back the funding that such an intervention would require into the medium and long term. Anyway with large scale Chinese financial involvement in Sudan, you can bet that no Security Council resolutions will have an effect anyway.

    Retired now and able to go for a pint tonight, so can forget about the total mess in Darfur. (I served in Bosnia and at least we got the satisfaction of twatting the locals occasionally and later bombed the Serbs). Me, I fell sorry for the people of that country and the small bunch of NGOs who are trying to allieviate their suffering. There is no realistic solution in sight.

    I think Stella should do it!!
  11. Now let's see if he will bite on this:

    At least they only threw him out of the country. The last time these people fell out with a British Officer it was far more dramatic.
  12. Ermm - were they not doing that before we arrived or even when we were there e.g. the spread of the Zulu nation?

    Do try and stop spouting sh1t about it being "our" fault. Africa is in the sh1t today because African rulers put it there. Zimbabwe isn't our fault and African tribes ere quite successfully butchering each other long before "we" came on the scene.

    Oh and the white chaps in Sudan are yellow.
  14. I heard it was because they found out he was Gordon's great-great-great-great-great nephew. Any truth?