Sudan man ordered to marry goat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smithie, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. They planning to have kids?
  2. Sound plan by the elders I think. Everyone is happy.

    Except maybe the goat.

    Then again maybe she loves it, the filthy bearded ho-er.
  3. I think this sets a dangerous precedent though. Imagine if you had to marry everyone you shagged, or even pay 15,000 whatevas to her (his/its) dad! 8O
  4. Poor goat, in the UK he the RSPCA would nab him.
  5. Poor RSPCA, in the Sudan they would be f-----d by goats... 8O
  6. You sh*g one sheep..............
  7. Doesn't this happen in Cornwall on a daily basis ?
  8. Some squaddies marry pigs without a court order
  9. That is why they purposely do not have detachments or patrol in Cornwall :wink: what they don't see doesn't hurt them. Even though it is highly offensive to the rest of us decent englishmen.
  10. He who laughs last and all that. In five years he'll still be getting jiggy whenever he likes, and wont be getting nagged about leaving his kecks on the floor or coming home pi$$ed and swamping the bed. I bet his mates wont be able to say the same. :D
  11. Well, no one's going to want to eat the goat, so what else can you do with it?
  12. He got off lucky, look what happened to poor old Tony when he got caught shagging Cherie.
  13. He was deported from Wales.
  14. Latest news in, he has been deported TO Wales.