Sucky Oor Da (Our Da Will Cum)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by khakibukakie, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. 21 December 2009 - Mail Online:

    Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has revealed his father sexually abused children in his family.
    The admission came in a radio broadcast yesterday, just hours after it emerged his younger brother Liam is wanted for child sex offences. Adams said he had known of his father's crimes for more than a decade.
    One critic, speaking anonymously, said last night: 'Adams's father got a full, republican funeral.
    The fact this was allowed to happen shows they were all protecting him, right up until the end - and protecting Gerry's career in the movement and his position of power as an MP, nothing else.'

    UTV 2 November 2011:

    The brother of Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has been extradited to Northern Ireland from the Republic of Ireland to face sex offence charges.
    Liam Adams, 56, was transferred across the border on Wednesday and is now in PSNI custody. Once in Northern Ireland, he was arrested on 18 warrants for rape, gross indecency and indecent assault.
    Last month, Mr Adams lost his legal bid to appeal his extradition to answer charges of sexually abusing his daughter Aine Tyrell.
    Adams, who denies the allegations, is due to appear before Laganside Magistrates' Court on Thursday.
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  2. Putting the content comment to one side, that's got to be the thread title of the ARRSE year. Well done. I can't stop chuckling.
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  3. Tchah. Couldn't happen to a nastier ********. Liam's just like Gerry, minus the wit, intelligence and undoubted political flair, plus, to the best of my knowledge, Gerry's not a paedo. I think his inlaws might have had words to say on that, they're a scary bunch as well.
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  4. And I bet the church knew too and closed ranks. Would not surprise me if it was not part of the whole thing (sweeping statements aside!)

  5. Good the hear Jerry was being fcuked ,and being a good catholic boy he`s protecting his paedo family ...cnut
  6. If they did, they were not the only ones. The authorities were aware of some of the abuse, but any evidence they had would be difficult to put in front of an open court.
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    The thread title is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. :nod:
  8. I think that you'd have to be aware of the gaelic Sinn Fein connotation in this one. It's an absolutely brilliant 'take' on it as well as covering the story. Well done that man.
  9. Liam Adams is going to have a very different experience in HMP Maghaberry than his brother did in HMP Maze!

    Personally I feel very sorry for his daughter who will now have to give evidence in court and relive the whole awful experience.
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  10. Dirty Catolick nonce Liam Adams up in court today for raping his daughter... So it would appear that he is a nonce, his father was a nonce and Gerry looks like a nonce with that dirty beard. Just as well PIRA looked after the good Catholic citizens of Northern Ireland and made sure the bad Brits didn't harm them. Turns out they were all getting touched up by their own families, the dirty inbred savages.

    Sent from ma hoose.
  11. You have just made my day, thank you sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart
  12. An odd thing - if I Google 'Liam Adams' I get hits for recent stories on BBC and RTE, yet clicking on either link produces a 404. Yet links to the story in the Irish Independent and on the Press Association site work. Some sort of bizarre legal thing, or IT-biffness on my part?
  13. Partly biffness, partly that both have new news stories on that topic.

    BBC News - Aine Adams denies suggestion that abuse did not happen

    Liam Adams trial hears interview with daughter - RTÉ News
  14. It's gone and Google cache appears to have gone too - can't be bothered looking more - there is this on the Beeb though:BBC News - Aine Adams denies suggestion that abuse did not happen

    If it has been pulled there'll be a good legal reason. Mebbe's don't want to let the defence say jury influenced by reporting ?