Sucker Punch Movie

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bad CO, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've been looking forward to this ever since i saw the trailers on you tube but haven't managed to get to the cinema yet. Anyone here had the pleasure?

  2. Don't normally do fantasy stuff, but for some reason I may make an exception for this one :)
  3. Weve got it for the station cinema but cant play the ****** till the 30th :|
  4. It looks l like World of Warcraft meets the Matrix.......shows potential.
  5. I thionk its going to be good Ill be seeing it when I get the money together to go
  6. Looks great, if you like that sort of stuff then try this as well,
  7. Couple of mates went last night. Definte "brain: off" movie but by all accounts bloody good fun if you buy into the idea its a fantasy and all happening in a crazy girl's head.
  8. That looks ******* awesome!
  9. Quite intrigued by Sucker Punch but haven’t seen it yet.
    Recently found this review - it’s in dreadful Yankese and pitched at the ‘fanboys’, but despite the title it’s actually quite positive:

    Why Everyone Hates Sucker Punch - Yahoo! News

    (I've just reread the review, and subsequently snorted half my snifter. Check out the reporter’s name. Someone’s been moonlighting, methinks :-D)
  10. Good sound track, fit birds and lots of shooting,

    Whats not to like!!.
  11. It was SHOITE!!! Total and utter shoite! Just watch porn!
  12. Pretty girls but absolute shit film. Watched it on the plane when nothing else on and still havent got a ******* clue what it is actually about! Like i said though, really fit birds so not a total waste of time.
  13. Can do!
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  14. Agreed. Very weird.