Such a shame the closed down Rousillion Barracks

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. NOT!!

    Actually it is, I enjoyed it there.

    Even if you did have to book out wearing a suit. :cry:
  2. Until you got to the fields and got changed into jeans and football shirt behind the hedge. Great days.
  3. hahahahahaaaaaaaaa

    Did you ever try getting into the 'Old house at Home' pub opposite?

    I was always too scared to try :cry:
  4. Great days.

    I wonder how many recruits got shin splints from running back after last orders in the 'Hole in the Wall' wearing brogues or dress shoes.

    A fight in the Chinese followed by special fried rice.

    Ah nostalgia: It's not what it was.

  5. Staggering back up the hill towards camp after your first Saturday in Chi armed with an Ironing board, yellow dusters, matching coathangers, parade gloss and brasso whilst wearing a suit and a number 4 haircut :cry:
  6. Hole in the wall followed by a Ruby in the old cottage............. Then trying not to throw up on Parade in the morning :)
  7. I used to like a pub right next to the train station.

    But I cant for the life of me remember the name of it.........

    oh well :cry:
  8. The Globe maybe.....trully happy days
  9. Carrying a big bag of Chinese and chain smoking whilst at the double - I'll never forget it!
  10. Did anyone else meet Shazza with Capri in Thursdays and then get taken for a knee trembler behind Lloyds or is that just me!!!!!!!! :D
  11. All these 'rose tinted' memories? I'd have burned the place to the ground if I could have got away with it. I hated the f*cking place. Civvies with more say than NCOs, retired officers f*cking people about and 'getting their own way' when they should have f*cked off years before, f*ckwits for RSMs, a loony for a CO, grotty accommodation. Yep...a right f*cking home from home.

    The Old House was an OK pub, spoiled only by some of the permanant staff w&nkers who spent half their time grassing up course personnel to the RSM the following day.
  12. Falling asleep in your lesson :oops:
  13. Good call!

    I guess looking back, the bad times are probably the most memorable though!
  14. well the experience stopped me wearing white socks with suits!! and slip on shoes.

    I wonder if the radiator in the old sentry hut ever got swabbed for DNA? There was mor sp**k on that than in a sperm bank!
  15. hahahahaha

    wondered who did that!!

    Booking back in after a night on the p*ss was often interesting too.....

    'Permishion to 'hic' in shurrr'