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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by commando_chcik, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Ok with the way things are going it seems that the idea of a static stand in a town centre on a saturday afternoon is not really the way to go, havign held a poll in our troop we found that no-one that was in had been enticed in by the town centre stand. The powers that be say we need to up the local profile on so called recruiting days.

    Has anyone got any alternative ideas that have worked in the recent past?

    Was thinking of something different like town centre activity but space is the issue for any kind of showmanship type of thing!

    Going Bald with stress 8O

    All ideas appreciated! But please keep it clean!

    PS what are the rules on playing music 8)
  2. Personally i think one of the biggest obstacles is that people tend to have jobs where Saturday work is mandatory and people dont want to risk up setting their employer.
  3. Lots of ideas in the wiki

    Have to admit, the biggest difficulty is changing from a TA mindset to a commercial one. Imagine the TA is a product, who are the people who would want to buy it, and how do you reach those people?

    Almost certainly they arent going to be the people in the shopping centre on a saturday lunchtime.
  4. Why not get in touch with your local AFCO/ACIO or Army Careers Advisor (ACA) they should have some ideas and indeed may have some events that they are planning to attend and would welcome some TA to put across the reservist POV.

    Another angle speak to one of your local RRT/AYTs and try and join in on some of their events like Look at Lifes or Personal Development Activities - they would probably welcome the help...... It may mean working during the week though. My local RRT run a one day L@L on a saturday morning once a month.

    I'm sure help will always be welcomed especially if you have any AT qualified guys, Minibus drivers (we are all short of them these days) DCCT custodians anything.....even if it is just to talk to the punters on one of the evenings about the TA.
  5. As ever, this is an incomplete set of suggestions - lots of improvements can be made to what's below...

    Depends on the stand. We had a platoon location do a stand at a shopping centre; they ended up the most successful location in the Brigade Area that TA National Open Day (I think they had 17 blokes in the recruiting age group go through the doors of the TA Centre).

    If it's a bunch of idle slacking mongs with their backs to the crowd, who look as if the bergen is down their front, not on their back, then you're screwed.

    Recce and plan it properly (and make sure the shopping centre is onside). If the stand is well sited (not stuck in a corner away from passing traffic), properly manned, and encourages a flow of people, you've got a start. Try thinking of it as an ambush; can you channel your audience into range, can you slow them enough, how will it trigger / what will you do to achieve your desired effect. Make sure you can back off, too; you don't want a crowd of nine-year-olds blocking the potential recruits.

    Find the natural salesmen in the troop, use them. If you can find a poster-boy-or-girl who looks like a Warrior God(dess) in a uniform, and makes the passing public go "hey, I want to be like them" then you've cracked it. Dress for the field, not the barracks - TA Cpls who fancy themselves as drill instructors with shiny ammo boots and pace sticks, take note. Make sure the recruiters keep their mind on the job - they're there to get recruits, not chat up members of their preferred gender.

    If the site is mixed, with blokes dragged along by their partners, you're looking to give them an excuse to avoid the next shoeshop. If it's full of women, make sure you're not a teeth arm. If the site is full of blokes, result.

    Get something tactile, not just a picture board and 6' table. A fully packed bergen (hey, at 30+ kg no-one's going to run very far with it) was a good one for the infantry ("Watch yourself, son, that's heavy..." 8) ); base the stand around a Landy (which looks as if it's properly loaded, cam nets on roof, antennae fitted, etc). Beware G10 losses; there was a stand that once lost two sets of binos and a prismatic compass, even though they were nominally "tied down"....

    Make sure you follow up fast. Close the deal - don't just hand them a leaflet and let them walk off, instead make them feel that they've made an appointment to come and see the TAC. Provide transport if necessary (get PSAO to see RFCA about insurance details for transporting members of public in mil transport). Make sure that your end of the bargain is held up - they walk into a slick, well-run "Open Day" and feel that this is a worthwhile use of their time.
  6. Totally agree with the above statements.

    Which is why I must admit to getting something of a crinkly mouth when I find out that my unit's plan for TA day is to concentrate ALL the unit's recruiters in one shopping centre 20 miles from my TAC and only have 2 persons in the TAC to 'answer the telephone'. Then again it might work!
  7. The one time we know our target audience are all together in one place is on a Friday night in the town centre. To date I have yet to hear of any TA recruiters targeting them at this time. Anyone tried?

    My plan would be to locate a number of recruiters, the smart soldier like ones, at a central location in the town centre, preferably where the police hang round, with a specific leaflet based on "what are you achieving this weekend?". They would only remain there for a shortish period, say 6.30-8 pm and be clear of the area before people became too pissed.

    I know there is a risk of confrontation. The plan would need to be discussed with local police beforehand and personnel selected for levelheadedness and properly briefed but the benefits I believe are worth the risk. Our target audience see us at a time and place they consider to be cool. We do not attract old men and rug rats like in the shopping centre but 17-32 year olds.

    On a psychological level, men in uniform are likely to attract girls. Lads seeing girls attracted to these uniforms will plant a seed that these uniforms, and by association the organisation, is cool.

    The whole plan is about raising the profile of the TA and placing it is a place which our target audience regard as 'theirs'. It is not going to produce a high number of recruits on the day (unless we start slipping shillings into pints) but may raise discussion and interest amongst the very people we want to get the message to.

    And then you can go and get changed and meet up with the girls who were so impressed with your uniform - but that's another story, will everyone want to be a recruiter?
  8. Don't do "Open Days" at the unit. Do "Recuiting Days". Open days are for the old and bold to come and tell their war stories and to look at how things have changed or for mothers to bring their snotty running nose kids to look at "...tanks and things" to keep them amused for a couple of hours.
    Recruiting days are just that. Doors are opened for potential recruits to look round.
  9. Guys thanks for all the ideas, will try adn get a few put in to place, quite like the friday/saturday night idea having been a bouncer I can see the posative aspect to it and know a few local police hangouts to boot. Well the stand is this weekend so wish me luck will let you know the success of the plans.
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  10. Start with the obvious - ask all the guys'n'gals already in, especially the youngsters, why they joined. Our response was 90% related, ie uncle, brother, dad in forces - deduction - get them all to bring a family member (and/or a mate) for a no pressure briefing day - and make it a really good one.

    recruiting stands at local county shows.......none - not one had joined through this activity - learn the difference between KAPE (AIS if you wish) and recruiting - and set really good aims for KAPE - ours is to ensure everyone leaving our stand knows if they didn't before, and they don't, that the TA is made up from real people with real jobs, just like them!

    of those directly recruited, most had seen or heard something on radio etc and it had rekindled an old desire to do some soldiering - ie, they were ther ones who nearly joined the regs, but didn't.

    in all the units i've been with, the most glaring deficiency with the system, the One Army Concept - is that virtually nobody leaving the regs is givenanything, at any stage, about the completely stupid is that.