Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by themaadone, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. I was a bit hungry so I bought myself a subway sandwich!

    Bloody lovely, really tasty; a foot long Italian BMT toasted with loadsa 5 times a dys on it as well.

    I didn't reckon the ferkin chilli sauce would start an inferno in my mouth though, should I sue Subways for having a deranged Polish student slapping on extra hot, ferk the brit off sauce onto my sub?

    I bet the little fecker wanked into the feta cheese as well.....

    Polish immigrants, now there's another thing but have you seen the birds..... phroar phroar.....
  2. Subways are pretty good, but Polish chicks are better.
  3. Have you seen some of the strange immigrants working in mcdonald, burger king, KFC and my pet hate Chicken Cottage (shudder....)
    God only knows what the little feckers put in the shit they serve up, don't think that's mayonnaise that's for sure!!
    Used to think Subway was pretty safe, now not so sure!!
    You could try sueing and while you're at it take down all the other dodgy london fast food outlets!! especially the ones in my of them was even housing terroists!!
  4. Housing terrorists? What about the other half million nationwide housing biological weapons and serving them with fries?

    Edited to say that I do still love a big sloppy kebab, me!

    Edited again to ask what the hell a Chicken Cottage is??! I'm from the North, you see.
  5. Chicken Cottage - is Deep fried bird flu infested shite (pretend chicken, probably pigeon or something) that is supposed to be in the same style as KFC!
    Totally crap! two of them in my road! just incase one wasn't enough!! They have spread throughout london! Other variations include "perfect" (got to be a joke) chicken and Chick 'O' Land!!

    Local Chinese was keeping terroists!! Prob why the food was so cheap!!
  6. footlong steak and cheese toased with jelepenos.

    southwest sauce is a godsend. cos the chilli sauce is crap
  7. Yeah what is that classy sounding place, I'm from Dawn Sauf and have never heard of it!

    Edited - thanks for the answer my one fingered typing let me down .... again!
  8. I had a subway sandwich once, it was me, my mate Ray and some reet dorty lass from South Shields. The wind doesnt half whistle down those underpasses.
  9. [​IMG]

    Chicken Cottage - London borough of Southwark
  10. Better than cats. More meat.
  11. There is that!!
    certainly gave us some entertainment watching them all be arrested!! And being able to point out our local chinese on TV!!
  12. I ate a Tuna Subway in London once, had something dodgy in it cos my lips swelled up like Jordans t1its. Never had one since - stick to the scoff house anyday.
  13. please tell me why in thiscountry, Subways have sweetcorn in them??

    Sweetcorn does Not belong in sandwiches!!!

    please also add on pizzas in pastas or anywhere near tuna!!
  14. Don't you like to see the sweetcorn winking at you later?
  15. Subways are ace, I did at one point once drunk want to open my own you can get them for about £45,000 if you open one where there are none at the moment in the area.