Substitution Pay


I'm doing the job of one rank up (and I'm in the LSN for it) so was recieving sub pay. On my last CR I recieved a 'P' (first CR in post etc.) so my OC now says he'll have to investigate whether I can still recieve sub pay. Is this the case? Surely if I'm doing the job I should be getting paid for it - regardless of CR grades. Can anyone quote me the exact regs regarding this (Doc number, page number etc.)?
As far as I can recall (not currently in work, so I can't check), substitution pay is only payable for a period of six months. Aftert that, the incumbent should be promoted (subject to the normal rules) or another individual of the required rank should be posted in to the post or the CO needs to make a significant case through the chain of command to retain the individual in the post. That's about the bottom line but there may be more detail which I have mislad in my groggy brain this morning.


he may be getting confused. if you are holding an ACTING rank but then do not receive a Y recommend on your CR, you can no longer hold the acting rank. had a mate years ago who had to be removed from an acting WO2 post PDQ after he got shafted on his CR. was posted out as a sub staffy.

as for the SUPA pay - oracle is right. you can receive it for more than 6 months, but it has to be approved at div level. get your p file, turn your SUPA application over and search for the details on the back. it's not exactly written in massive letters and in bold, takes a bit of looking.

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