Substitution Pay When the Recipient Is Away?

Here I sit, with the Boss posted early, and no replacement due for 4 months. (Whats new?)

Matey boy who sits alongside has been selected to get the Pay of Higher Rank ( no issue with that - he is older , senior and IMHO wiser too)


within a week of taking up his wheelbarrow full of extra scheckels, he is naffing off on a jolly for 5 weeks!

So I sit here, covering 3 posts, not a sniff of dosh, and no hope of leave until he is back and settled.

Chuffed to bits as you can imagine.

Any positive thoughts apart from " Get On With It?

Unless I am very much mistaken there is a 21 day qualifying period for SUPA(backdated to day 1), so if he is off after only a week he cannot possibly do his 21 days. Once qualified you are allowed periods of absence upto 3 weeks I believe without it affecting entitlement.

Suggest you get the dosh until he returns, and he can begin his qualification after that.


You should read The Pay Warrant 1964 para 455A regarding Substitution Pay. Para d refers to the 21 day rule.

Your RAO should have a copy and be able to brief you on your entitlement.


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