Substitution Pay, or something like it.

Hi, thought all you pay boffins could do with a Monday morning wakeup.

I'm currently in a NATO post, working alongside matelots and Crabs. I'm a SSGT, filling a NATO slot that requires a OR7 grade. The matelots I work with are all CPOs, and are all in the same slot. The point I am labouring is that we all do the same job, there are no distinctions.

My question is this; as I am on lower payband, and all the matelots are on higher payband, am I entitled to put in for substitution pay, or something like it? I have managed to justify it (to myself, admittedly), on the grounds that you should get the same days pay for the same days work. I suspect that the matelot Tiffs have done a course similar to a REME Tiffy, or a Sigs FofS, which would justify their higher pay band. I , however haven't done any such course.

However, I repeat, we all do the same job, to the same level. I would not advocate paying a woman less than a man for the same job on the grounds that the woman couldn't reach the male BPFA standards, and is therefore less qualified. Or that an acting CPL be paid less than a substantive CPL, simply because he hasn't completed JCLM. In my view, and I stand ready for the flak, the job should attract the pay, not the quals of the person carrying out the job.

Ladies, gentlemen, thank you for your assistance.
I sympathise with your position in much the same way as an Inf MTSNCO is higher band but a Corps MTSNCO is lower band. :?

As with most things, it's a bit of a muddle and they won't look at a solution because the system 'fits' for the majority.

If the likes of Marks & Spencer/Tesco/any other big firm can manage to pay people for the position held regardless of quals why can't the MoD?

It's a good question that deserves a good answer.......

Personally, I get paid for what I know and not what I do - thank fcuk. :lol:
I'm no pay boffin biscuits but I'm willing to bet that you are flogging a dead horse with this one.
The answer is a definite no sadly. People are paid for the qualifications they hold and the relevance to their Regt/Corps - not for the job they are actually doing. For example - in a Trg regt all the section commanders and pl sgts will be paid for their normal trade (Higher range if they are infantry - lower range if they are AGC) whilst they are doing an identical job.

It is unfair - but them is the rules!
A resounding ' and the survey said: nah nah'. Unfortunately the RN Writers (lucky barstewards) fought their corner better at JSJET, cos they might occasionally have to use a hose on board or some other station other that scribbling, they get the higher range. Dont get many fires in BHQ (unless the SPS Branch are coming in and you have fiddled the imprest in a big way) :p

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