Substitue for hill reps?

Hi guys. Been stepping the training up lately to include some harsh hills. But I know that doing this too much is inevitably gonna fcuk me up. I'm starting to feel it after a weeks worth of thrashing. I remember reading that you can do something called "rest training" or words to that effect. This usually includes low impact training such as swimming, bike riding, etc.

What I'm trying to get at is that whilst I'm giving my joints a rest by doing low impact stuff is there a way to replicate the cardio I get whilst beasting hills?


ps: I'm not a very good swimmer so I'm leaning more towards the cycling route.

pps: Whilst I'm on the subject of training. Is it true that you peak at certain periods of your training cycle (ie: every 6 weeks or so) and is there a way of working it out so you peak at the right times?
Might be easier to help if we knew exactly what you are training for, mate.
easy-touch said:
Spinning class at your local gym. loads of hill work!
I was going to suggest a spin bike funnily enough.

Rack up the resistance and some interval work with it so high it's a bar steward to turn the pedal any faster then 30 rpm.
You shouldn't need to do loads of hill reps. Why not just do one sesh before your rest day and stick to sprint reps the rest of the time or incorporate hill climbs? Just do long steady hills. WRT cross training, if you aren't good at swimming why not do it - it will help you improve!? If not, spinning as suggested or take the bike out on the roads. Either way ensure you are getting adequate rest and eating enough; intervals may appear an easy workout but they aren't (on the body). I often can't walk after some sprint sessions.

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