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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ocdtelite, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. Could someone please explain what substantive rank is and how it works as i have no idea? thanks
  2. Substansive rank is that which is yours and for which you are paid. It basically means a confirmed rank and not an acting rank (paid or unpaid). An acting rank can be taken away by your CO for any reason if he deems that you are not suitable to hold it if he feels so inclined...however substansive rank usually takes a Court Martial.
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  3. thanks mate
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  4. also to add, in the ACF the highest substantive rank is Lieutenant, all other ranks above is acting as in "Acting ACF Captain", "Acting ACF Major" etc
  5. you are quite right to an extent. Remove the 'ACF' are you're spot on (Acting Captain, Acting Major ....... all the way to Acting Colonel - but no higher)
  6. You can, in normal circumstances, only act up to the rank above that which you hold substantively and then only for a fixed period of time before reverting back to your substantive rank. It is most commonly used when an NCO/Officer who is your immediate superior is posted on or leaves and there is a gap befoer the replacement arrives. So Capt Bloggs who is the Coy 2i/c becomes Acting Maj for (say) 6 months until the new Coy Cdr arrives. During that time you are paid an acting up allowance (based on the difference between your pay spine point and the entry point for the rank you are acting up to) for the exatr responsibility. If you do particularly well while acting up you may find that you benefit from accelerated promotion into the next substantive rank.
  7. This is fine for those who started in the ACF but how does it apply to transfers in? For example, a substantive Type A Lt Col became commandant of a county ACF. His ACF rank is Colonel but what is he substantively — a Lt Col or a Lt?
  8. To muddy the waters even further, Chaplains within the ACF hold substantive rank of CF4/CF3- we don't have Lieutenants!
  9. His substantive rank is Lieut.

    Acting paid rank only goes as far as Lieut Col. Col is acting unpaid (paid at Lt Col rate)
  10. I'm aware of a County where this occured in the last few years, the chap in question had to resign his Class A Lt Colonelcy, and was then re-commissioned as a Type B Lieutenant holding the Local rank of a Colonel.
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  11. Thanks fellas. He really must have wanted to do the job.
  12. Top bloke as well.
  13. Is Officer Cadet a substantive rank ? (IIRC, my payslips from LUOTC back in the late 80's used to call me a Pte.)
  14. Is Officer Cadet a substantive rank ?

    It isn't a "rank" at all. It may possibly be an appointment, or perhaps just an temporary honorific.
  15. Correct. Unlike Midshipman, which is a rank.