Substantive and acting rank.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by BuggerAll, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    ACF Officers are either one confirmed are substantive Lieutenants and hold acting rank - so it Lieutenant Acting Major Smith etc. What about officers who hold other commissions. Would an officer who is a TA or RARO Captain and an ACF Major be: Captain Acting Major Jones? What about retired officers who have retained thier Rank would they be: Major Acting Major Thomas?


    I know pointless spotter question which I started wondering about when I looked at the NY Hons list.
  2. Do you speak English?
  3. On joining the ACF, an officers is required to convert his TA List A or Regular Commission to a TA List B Commission. The highest substantive rank in List B is Lieutenant, therefore all ACF officers are acting in any rank above Lieut. On retirement, the officer would usually go back to his original state and become Major (retired) for example.

    All this means that no, you wouldn't get a Captain acting Major etc.
  4. I know you can have dual commissions, one Captain in our Battalion is a Major in the TA. But you're either one or the other, never both.
  5. How strange. 'We' would have them as their TA rank, but on paper, they would be whatever rank they fitted in as.
  6. Bit complex for you??
  7. Really,
    what is it with TA/ACF oriffices and rank, i take it that someone is after as much rank as they can get.
    You could join the salvation army aswell and be a major. Would that make you a captain/major/major or just a major kunt.
  8. Power in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous thing!
    Just look at Hitler.
  9. Yes you can have dual ACF/CCF and TA commissions at the same time but they are quite separate; therefore you can be - for example - a TA Capt and an ACF/CCF Lt acting Lt Col
  10. I think it comes from the way the system works for those in the MoD and such like. You can only be a substantive Lt in the ACF, whilst in the TA you can go much higher. So, as our Capt in the ACF Major in the TA, works for the MoD as a Major, when he is an ACF adult he can't use his TA rank. If he was there as a member of the TA, then he would keep his Major rank, but then he would also have to get paid by the TA and not the ACF. I think

    All very complicated really!
  11. Well to me, it seems like someone looking at the new years honours list and asking what the hell was all the double ranks about, then coming on here to ask people who know to further his understanding.

    Which seems more intelligent to me than your usual one line insulting replies.

    He also seems to have a better grasp of the english language than yourself.
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer


    Given your extremly Walty Avatar and pictures signature its a bit rich of you to go throwing insults around. Odd that everyone else understood my question - perhaps its you that does not have much grasp of English.

    As I said I was asking a train spotter type question because it 'piqued' my curiosity. I'm sure there are people in the TA and the ACF who are after as much rank as they can get, but we know this never happens in the Regular Army.
  13. My mistake, I was referring to Retired Officers.
  14. Yup, no problem. I was only recently made aware that all officers in the ACF have to convert their commissions if they have a regular or TA commission. I was very surprised to know that the CEO has to as well. It's a fair question really, because the whole officer system in the ACF is quite confusing, but they seem to be making it more smiple with the introduction of the CFCB instead of people doing RCBs and TCBs
  15. Of course not!