Substance Misuse Spike Cards - Waste of Taxpayers Money?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PandaLOVE, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone been issued with these Substance Misuse Spike Cards (part of MATT)? Maybe I'm getting too old, grumpy or cynical but are they a complete waste of money and time? Am I not grown up enough to know what the symptoms are for getting drunk? Do I have to have a small plastic card on me when I venture into town, a card that tells me 'Never socialise with drug users'?

    Is this truely nanny state? Are our young soldiers AND officers capable of fighting a war in far away places but not deemed capable of socialising without the military intervention? Maybe the initiative is worthy but does the card have to be worded like we're all grade A morons? What do you think? I for one am fcuked off with being treated like a kid. :x
  2. agreed. it accidentally fell off my desk into the bin while i was reading it.
  3. One of the reasons for there issue is a simple one, a soldier who has been "spiked" if not declared as such would be, if tested positive on CDT be liable for discharge, prior warning from the military means that said soldier has no excuse if caught out.
  4. That's the irony behind it. It takes a silly card to tell an Officer and soldier what Mummy and Daddy should have told them as a child. This card does nothing for the Officer/soldier but allows the MoD to believe it is in some way fightying the drink/drugs problem. Totally naff. I wonder who thinks these things up.
  5. He never had an excuse anyway unless he/ his colleagues reported the matter immediately upon returning to camp.
  6. Everyone I know who's been issued these stupid cards has mocked them, pull one out on the pi$$ is the best time to do it! They get thrown away every time. Have you read them though? I would quote for you but my card has gone missing! Probably stolen by someone to cut up his lines of coke!
  7. Bossdog wrote: He never had an excuse anyway unless he/ his colleagues reported the matter immediately upon returning to camp, thats the entire reason for the card my friend, the soldier cannot use the excuse, "I must have had my drink spiked and I did not know who to report it to" believe me I have heard that excuse given more than once. With the card, they are given the I.A if they believe that they have been spiked. O2Thief you are right to a degree, bit of a waste of money when you have Part One Orders.
  8. LongJohnSilver, I'm actually less concerned about the cost. As usual initiatives like these cost a fortune and we get no say in the matter. Wasting taxpayers money is par for course nowadays. My main gripe is that once again we are being treated like fools by being given these stupid pieces of coloured plastic. The least they could do is make them readable.
  9. O2Thief, agreed, awarness through ITD's, or whatever they are called now, and Unit Part One Orders, people do need to know the I.A if they think that they have been spiked.
  10. I haven't got a spikey card. However, I did think that I was "spiked" once in the Fleece and bubbled myself to the SIB on the Monday in case I got pisstested. The SIB pisstested me and it was positive.

    Shame I had an excuse, co-codamol.

    Downes, Its not for the likes of the old and bold, its for the young whipper snappers who don't know any better. Before you start, no, it's not the same Army I joined either.

    In my day, etc. etc. etc...........
  11. yep big waste of money

    i have a load sat on the counter of my desk... what a load of pump