Subsistance Allowance - Resettlement

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smeghead, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. I understand that whilst on resettlement, I am entitled to 7 weeks subsistance allowance @ £53 per 24 hours for B&B, £20 EE and £5 PIE, IF the training establishment offers B&B. If they offer "room only", how does this affect my entitlement?

    I am also led to believe that I can use the subsistance allowance whether using my IRTC grant or my ELCs to pay for course exams?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

  2. hmmmmmm, no-one knows :?:

  3. Is it the mystery of pay and allowances.

    Probably best to PM the Paymaster (hope he doesn't mind ) he appears to be the font of all knowledge.

  4. The $53 (sorry the pound sign is broken on my computer) is only the maximum that can be claimed without using CHBS. If the room costs less than this then that is all you will get.

    Im pretty sure they won't pay you extra just because you don't get breakfast though, this will be at your Sys Coord/RAOWO discretion.
  5. I seem to recall that the normal rate of NRSA assumes that you will be staying at a hotel with breakfast included. If it is not, you get an extra allowance for breakfast.

    No - It will be payable if the rules permit it, not if some fcuking bean counter 'thinks' that they will do a soldier a 'favour' and pay them what they are entitled :evil:
  6. I know it's £53 maximum for bed AND breakfast, but the training provider I'm looking at only provides a room, no food, so i was trying to find out what reduction in allowances there will be, I'm pretty sure I'll be worse off, just trying to find out by how much?

  7. Re-read my post above. If breakfast is not included (I believe that) you are entitled to another 'extra' bit of DRSA/NRSA to make up for it - why not ask your admin office about it???
  8. I'm between admin offices at the moment :wink: Just got back to UK for my last 6 months, I'm actually a pay sgt by trade too but have been out of the loop for nearly 3 years due to my last posting so was trying to find out something I should know anonomysly :oops:

    I may well get some form of DRSA for breakfast but what do I lose from the NRSA element?


    Daz (embarrassed Pay SNCO)
  9. If the course is residential, ie you have to live in their accommodation and it is only bed not breakfast, then you should get get actuals plus EE + a DRSA over 5

    Make sure your IERO authorises the cse and take all the paperwork to youe RAO. Fill in an MOD 300 for a 90% advance and clear it on a 1771