Subsidised Tree Hugging

Anybody catch the programme last night about the Environmental lobby and the European Commission?

Apparantly, the EC funds environmental lobby groups to allow them to have a presence, and provide expert advice to the EC. The reason for the funding, according to the talking head, was to "counter the pressures from big business"...

Am I alone in thinking this whole setup is barking?

How can an unelected legislature selectively fund special interest groups? We are not talking one man + dog setups here, the article mentioned Greenpeace, WWF and similar organisations.

It would appear that the latest output from this "balanced and informed" process is that anyone transporting animals more than 40Km needs to have passed an exam and be a registered animal transporter. This apparantly applies to ANY animal, so Ugly better get licenced before he takes his dogs out next year...

You could not make this stuff up!

Did I say Barking?

That sounds like the flip side of the donald trump vs aberdeenshire council fiasco we have up here atm.

A bunch of crusties and student lecturers set up a lobby pressure group because they like taking brisk walks, looking at interesting seagulls and bits of shrubbery, and successfully scupper a planning application for £1bn ear marked for the "world's best golf course".

It's all well and good giving the crusties a soap box, "offsetting big business", but when do it by flying directly in the face of 93% public support for the development then you're doing nothing but setting up a form of 'unelected eco-facisim', and many now just want those b@sturds shot.

It's mad I tell ye...mad!!!

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