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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by putteesinmyhands, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. "Because of the introduction of PAYD, mess functions will no longer be subsidised."

    Is this right? Or is somebody trying it on?

    I'm not adding any more details, mainly because I have heard this second hand and don't have access to the facts. Also the Mess in question has a complicated set up so it wouldn't surprise me if some wheeling and dealing is needed to make it function at all, thus even armed with hard and fast facts, I'd still need to dig around to find out if there's any unfairness.

    If you don't know the answer to the question, an indication of whether your mess functions have increased in price since the introduction of PAYD would be appreciated.

  2. It's not the RSU Sgt's Mess in JHQ is it? You just described them to a tee...
  3. Mate, as I have posted before, functions in the mess rose by around 40% when PAYD came in at my last posting.

    Its just happened at my (new) unit but its been not bad as NAFFI aren't the contractor.
  4. Our last mess function was up about 60% on the one before, even though it was subsidised. The cost of the next function seems to be on a par with two years ago. What isn't clear is whether there's a "but only if..." condition attached.
  5. Usually they say 'Its staff costs'.

    Utter bollocks :evil:
  6. I'm in a Tri-Service Mess (no, not Northwood) that isn't PAYD (I honestly don't know when it will be introduced either) and the prices for our functions have been consistent over the last 18 months or so but it's wrong that functions are not subsidised-why pay a mess fee otherwise?
  7. You'll just end up paying more subs and voting accross more when it comes to the meal. May mean a drop in functions per year though!!!!
  8. Functions in the Mess are not subsidised, someone is paying at the end of the day. You either have 5 or 6 functions included in the contract at which the Staff Costs have already been included in the contract and you pay for the food. Or you can pay for an element of the costs by using Entertainments or voting over some of the GPF.

    As an example, the RSU Mess is currently using Mess funds to offset the cost of a function for those who attend. Luckily with 200 plus members and a large proportion of plastic SNCO’s who don’t take their Mess commitment seriously this is quite cost effective who those who take part.

    In a smaller Mess you will not have this flexibility. Additionally in a poorly contractor run mess (Lets pick an example out of the air…er…Chilwell) The contractor is more concerned with making profit than providing a service. Note, I said Contractor, Not Mess Staff before you all get shirty.

    What is actually needed is a return to a system were the Mess is managed by true Mess Managers ie Stewards and we have military chefs working in kitchens and enough soldiers for the lads to be able to have regimental duties once again. This would need a rise in manpower however it would have the effect of increasing the numbers of the more overstretched personnel and by default improving tour intervals.

    Or you can stop going to the Mess and hundreds of years of tradition will fade away.
  9. Under PAYD the Sgts Mess is still "entiled" to 6 official functions a year (it is up the the RSM/Mess Committee when they are used). These official functions pay for the manpower (chefs/waiters etc) uo until 2359 hrs, after that, the mess will have to pay. It has always been the case that the food eaten at a function is paid for by those attending (we were just fortunate that under the old sysem the Master Chef could get's lot's of ingredients "free" from the single soldiers rations stores). What we are seeing under PAYD is the cost of the food (and therefore the cost of attending the function) being inflated by the partner (for whatever reason (i.e. to make more profit or to try to dissuade from taking the event taking place - because is too much trouble)). This is a conern of th CoC and is being looked into at present.
  10. It's about time that the Mess's were overhauled. Those that 'Sit Down' should in my opinion, pay for all the nights activities. The Mess function has long been used as a tool to carry out 'one-upmanship' on the last committe, often at the exspense of those who 'can't sit down' cause the knackered old building can't accommodate the whole mess.

    A fairer system has long been needed
  11. Perhaps once SLA and MQs have been sorted, there'll be a chance to do something with the Mess buildings.

    But I won't hold my breath.

    Could sponsorship be the answer? Mess dress waistcoats a la snooker?
  12. Yes it is. It has been since 01 Oct 07.
  13. Maybe you should take a moment an re-read matelots post. Take careful note of where the brackets are :lol:
  14. In my experience Mess life died about 10 years ago. We have too many people who seem to think it clever to put family before enjoyment and miss out on functions.

    When you factor RAF Mess members into the equation it gets even worse - but there again, who wants to get pissed with someone their grandad's age?

    Why not scrap the whole thing, have combined all ranks (yes, including officers) accommodation with a central eating/drinking area. A similar thing, called a 'hotel' has been run along these lines for many a year and worked ok. I mean, can it be cost effective to keep messes going even with PAYD?
  15. Would you like to rephrase my bold. It reads like you mean people should fcuk off their families and go on the pi55 in the mess!