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Hi guys, Can anyone actually tell me if I am entitled to a subsidy for marriage counselling, I rang relate and they have said I am but who do i spk to?? My C/CLK can only say "sorry mate, closed for end of month accounting" wouldnt mind but its only the 12th i told him which he replied yeah Getting ready for next months lol.

cheers for any help



Your Welfare Office should give you a letter for Relate which only entitles you to the first session free (this session is generally just name and data gathering), after that I am afraid that session are means tested :-(
The first session free is organised via your Bde , and your Welfare Office should get the permission for your session via Bde Army Welfare Service, as it is they who actually pay for the session.
Just so you are aware, sessions can cost up to £45 an hour, BUT that can be money well spent.
Hope it all goes well


I had cause to use RELATE in IPSWICH in 2001. I organised it all myself and received 50 % "forces discount", which at the time and hopfully still is, was RELATES policy.
Go direct to them is my advice. Army welfare service councellers are ok for a single one on one session too.
Good luck.

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