Submissive girlfriend help.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by WhiteHorse, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. Ok, this isn't the naafi but its a call for advice.

    A very old friend of mine and I were out drinking last night, he has a new girlfriend. She is a smart and bright individual and clearly confident and outgoing. Whislt she popped to the ladies he explained his dilema: She is very submissive in the bedroom and likes to be punished, not just a mild slap but whipping and punching including verbal abuse, the worse it is the better. I was and still am shocked and confused and so is he, he is really not sure what to do as it sees so wrong to do this.

    Anyone have any understanding of this, I advised him to walk, but she is a very attractive woman and he is C**T struck. I know is a sub dom thing, but all advice welcome.

    I haven't a clue and to be honest I'm not sure why he told me. I wish he hadn't, but he's asked for help so I'm turning to you.
  2. Where does he live, I may be able to offer some help.
  3. just tie her to the bed and kick her back doors in while calling her a filthy whore. After that make her suck his knob clean. She'll love him foever, trust me!
  4. Get him a subscription to the "Hogtied" website
  5. Not that old chestnut.:rolleyes:

    You have been a member here long enough to know, that no proper advice will be given out without photos.
  6. Vaguely serious answer, if the whole dominance thing isn't for him then given what she wants he's storing up trouble for the future. On the other hand if he thinks he can manage it he might want to take a look at the wider D/s community to help him get his head round it, either by going to a local munch (use the internet to find the nearest) or look at some of the community websites, informed consent or fetlife would be my reccomendations.
  7. Pics are so yesterday film her and u tube it post linky think the get advice.

    I can however offer one on one traing to her if she lives around wiltshire and is willing to fuel my brum brum
  8. I can be round in as long as it takes to get there from here. Your friend can watch. He'll be tied up, natch, no one gets behind me when I am balls deep. He should think himself very lucky, most men have to do 12 pints of Stella to find a bird who likes that kind of thing.
  9. or sister and as im over forty a mother
  10. Ahemmm, gents, its not the NAAFI, any constructive answers?

    And yes, I'm aware of the Old friend stuff, if only lol...though I'd never be able to keep her in bruises...
  11. Tell your mate you will help him make her airtight so she will feel really cheap and abused which will be right up her street.
  12. Birds who like it a bit rough are fun, but be warned there is always a catch. Love punches can be mistaken as domestic abuse and once she has finished with you, er I mean your mate........ well you get the picture.
  13. Why not cum clean and admit it. Its really yer wife, yer wants some extra cash so yer orffering her services. HOW MUCH
  14. Tell your mate to enjoy it. Find her limits then extend them. She will adore him.

    But he must never ask why she behaves in this way. Leave that box locked. Don't even look for the key.
  15. Sex is about mutual pleasure. It sounds that her desires are taking your friend way out of his comfort zone. It would be better if they discussed what she wants and what he's prepared to give and find some middle ground. If they don't find a compromise I can't see them lasting long really.

    Christ, I sound like an agony aunt, Auntie Stella before the 15 pints!