Submission to PACCC - how long ?

Does anyone have any idea of the length of time that a submission to PACCC is taking, it was submitted at the beginning of January and just wanted an idea


A PACCC submission can take quite some time; they often have a backlog of cases. They say they strive to get an answer within 10-days, but more complicated cases, possibly ones waiting for legal or other external support, may take significantly longer. However, they should be updating you regularly on the progress of your issue. Chap 1 of JSP-752 gives you the timeframe that they are **supposed** to keep to. Don't feel shy of chasing them up on this though; they know they have to do it!
I submitted a fairly simple case in Feb and got an update (only after chasing them) saying there is a backlog and it will be processed in time. I have heard that cases don't become high priority until after quite some time, and then there are all the other high priority cases in front of it. I was told (unofficially) that 4 - 5months was reasonable time to wait.
That sort of timeframe has also been my experience. The main thing is to get them to uphold their obligations to keep you info'd as to the status of your sub. Badger them monthly, would be my advice, if they don't.
Thanks for your comments (even though they took near as long as the PACCC in a reply :) )

The last I heard SP Pol had given a response and it had been referred back to them by the PACCC .... must be a difficult one !

Thanks again


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