Submarine's call for help

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Micky_Dees, Oct 5, 2004.

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  1. Now we know why LEP_Recon has been hiding under the table all day....

  2. It's one of the Upholder-class diesel-electrics we sold the Canadians a few years back.
  3. was only handed over to the Canadians on Saturday, I believe
  4. Yep and this is the second accident they've had with it.
  5. A heap of junk that Upholder class was, the Canadians have paid through the nose and still no joy. I reckon they will not be touching British equipment again, this side of the Black stump.

    They were shafted on the sale of that Class , big time. :(
    HMCS Chicoutimi caught fire off the coast of Ireland and several crew members were treated for smoke inhalation.
    A British plane is monitoring the submarine and rescue ships will reach it tomorrow. She can't move under its own power after leaving Scotland yesterday. The fire started in an electrical panel and the cause is unknown.

    Canada took delivery of the vessel last weekend in Scotland. It was the last of four used diesel-electric submarines delivered by the U.K. under a 1998 agreement to bring them back in service after being laid up for four years. The submarine was sailing for Canada before being sent out on a training mission.

    The crew members are going to have some discomfort until they are rescued tomorrow because their craft is being hit with 6 meter (20 foot) waves.
  7. Isn't there a prime defence contractor also receiving plaudits on another thread round here today??

    To our customers, were a sort of emergency service ~ we create the emergencies!!

    Don't worry, they are only on rent, they lend you a courtesey Hotel Class whilst it being fixed ; so no worries.

    Take the one parked in bay 2 sir, it's just been refuelled

  8. Sad to say SNAFU :evil:

    Very glad to hear the crew are fine.

    Fair winds :)
  9. I'll say! Canada drive the used car off the lot and the muffler falls off. Meanwhile, the crooked old salesman Blair is standing in the Used car lot giggling like a school girl and shouting 'Suckers!'

    Actually, after Canada spend god knows how much refitting and upgrading the other subs, they say they are excellent subs...i don't think those people were considering the cost.
  10. Serves Canada right for thinking they were getting away easy.

    They could have put Canadians to work building their own, but no.
    The Maritime provinces, where many Naval ships had been built in the past, need the work!
    Even the current Prime Minister, who owns a large shipping company, had his ships built in China and they are mostly crewed by Chinese as well.
  11. Serves the Canadians right for selling us BOWMAN :?

  12. Look down the page a bit to find.....

    Canadian Navy Lease Third Upholder Sub

    The Canadian Navy has taken delivery of the third Upholder-class submarine leased from the United Kingdom. The Cornerbrook--the third vessel of the Canadian Navy's Victoria class--will go through a maintenance period in Canada prior to her commissioning in late 2003. Originally scheduled to have already been delivered, units two (Windsor) and three (Cornerbrook) were delivered a year late, and unit four (Chicoutimi) also is scheduled to be delivered a year behind schedule in 2004.

    The Canadian Navy, which decommissioned all three of its own Oberon-class submarines between 1998 and 2000, decided to lease the four Upholder-class submarines from the United Kingdom to regain its lost submarine capability. In 1998, the Canadian Navy signed an eight-year lease worth $525 million for four Upholder-class submarines, which are being reactivated by BAE Systems under a separate contract.

    Leased? and there is BAE again!