Submariner 60ATM Divers watches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. We have just received some Tauchmeister 60ATM (600m) Submariner style divers watches. Even their own description puts a disclaimer on that they are not meant as a copy of any other 'Submariner' (of the £5K variety) We have them at just under £75 They are very heavy and look the part. From a distance it even looks like a **lex To get more info please click this link -

  2. Aren't these made in China? even though they claim to be German?
  3. I think they can claim to be German because of the assembly. Some 'swiss' watches are actually Chinese parts but assembled in Switzerland.

    With this brand you are getting what you pay for, there is no 'padding' on the cost. They are great value, solid steel cases and they appear to do what they say on the can. One of our competitors actually had a Rolex repair center test the waterproofing claims - they passed!

    NITE watches are made in China and a batch were bought by the SAS, but that is a different story :D
  4. Looks like a cheap imitation rolex imho.That picture of the 'Standard' helmet where the rolex crown should be makes them look a bit mickey mouse if you ask me . Dare say they are better than a phat phong special.
    I'll stick with my Sea-Dweller - the ultimate divers watch .
  5. I am probably wrong but didn't the Regiment buy in a batch of Breitling Watches... there is a current EOD Breitling Watch being produced and they do look a Class Watch (Expensive as you like but very classy and unique!)...

    The Breitling EOD Watch
  6. Lovely watch, I own a Chronomat GT. However I think its probably not a good comparison - a £2500 watch to a one costing less than £100. It could be argued that if you only need to tell the time then just buy a £4.99 watch off the market and throw it away everytime the battery goes flat or you break it :D
  7. :D Well said, I totally agree. :lol:
  8. Actually 60 ATM is 590 metres!
  9. Tecnically correct but we quote what the manufacturers tell us. This manufacturer says 60ATM 600M and we have a Citizen which is 10ATM 100M and a Casio 20ATM - 200M , an MWC 30ATM - 300M etc etc I imagine that they are tested to xFt and then just round down to the nearest ATM instead of putting something like 3.12456723ATM or similar on the watch :D
  10. Nice, but I still prefer my Panerai.