Submarine returns from 10-month deployment

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Dunservin, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Welcome back to the crew of Tireless after what sounds like an interesting trip. They have been deployed since 24 July last year:
  2. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Respect. You wouldn't catch me underwater for ten months.... mind you, not having to be in contact with The Scarey One.... Nah, seriously, they deserve some recognition - imagine the smell, lack of totty, Jazz mag pages stuck together and endless reruns of "The Cruel Sea", "Brief Encounter" and that bloke in stores who keeps winking and offering some fresh pork.

    Give me a splinter scrape, a hexe and a brew, Neil's laptop with its "educational" DVDs, that lamb shank in a mint gravvy with tatties that was tried on us (anyone remember that about 5 years ago?) and syrup sponge pudding with a "Stand to" at a civilised hour like 10:30..... and fresh air.
  3. I wonder where they will go to do the traditional post deployment hotel wrecking.
  4. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Don't put the lads down now! Let's invite them up to The Trafalgar in 'Shot for a hearty few beers and maybe a curry later. Naturally, we'll have designated drivers to get our Navy lads safely home after we've all sung the National Anthem and patted them on the back. (Snigger)
  5. Not forgetting to put the dvd of Army/Navy game on the telly for them.
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  6. 10 months at sea! my old man was on a couple of the Polaris Class in the 70's and I am sure they were at sea for the maximum of 8 - 10 weeks!

    Fcuk that for a game of Matelots!
  7. H.M.S. Tireless living up to it's name. A long time away from home and their families. A great job done by all the crew. Welcome home to them all.
  8. I know I'm a tad old, slow and an Ex-Bleep. It's still early, and I haven't taken me Meds yet.....But does the Royal Navy still operate any conventional diesel-electric subs?
  9. It's a fact. The MOD hires a hotel (or so my mate Yorkie (CD1) tells me) and the boys get stuck in and many a grievance aired and settled and not a few hi jinks too.

    But bugger that for a game of sailors - banged up in a black tube for months on end - and far to close to a nuclear reactor.
  10. We sold them to Canada in the 90's, Upholder class.
  11. Yorkie's half right (last name begins with an 'H' or a 'T' by any chance?). The source of funding would be the submarine's Welfare Fund which makes money from canteen sales of 'goffers' (soft drinks) and 'nutty' (sweets) plus mess quizzes and umpteen games of 'tombola' (bingo), video horseracing, etc. After 10 months away, the total should be quite impressive.
  12. His name starts with a K and he was CD1 at DEODS for a while, before lumbering me with mahoosive great sea bed mine to steam out, that they nicked from off shore a country that isn't UK.
  13. ...and ends with 'S'. Roger, now hooked on in the boat. :)
  14. How do you know that?
  15. How much shore leave did they have? I always thought three months was the limit imposed by food supplies.