Submarine Goats to be phased out

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by botfeckid, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Yet another disgraceful cut to the Royal Navy!

    No more harmless 'goat fun' for our lads in dark blue, to while away those lonely nights in the sardine can...

    Sex toys removed
  2. I suspect the press are "milking it" a little with such a "cheesy" story :wink:
  3. you are "kidding" aren't you??
  4. Clearly written on the hoof.
  5. What do you call a goat at sea?

    Billy Ocean. :wink:

    I'll get my coat............
  6. Or one that terrorises the west..................Billy the kid... :D

    outer here...gone
  7. Reminds me of an old line that did the rounds of Glasgow - to the effect of "Haw, prick! You think 'king Billy's a Navy habit, or sumhin?"

    You had to be there, I guess.
  8. Q:Minister can you explain why goats have been used for submarine testing/

    A:Testing...yes! Of course that is exactly why we had goats on our submarines, "testing"...

    Just as we have sheep on our isolated hill farms for...ahem...testing. What's that? Oh I'm sorry those are actually for legitimate animal husbandry...[aside to PPS] excuse me, but how is "animal husbandry" for hill farmers different to testing goats the way sailors do?
  9. Still what do you expect from a nanny state?
  10. Never again will you hear a submarine CO order - "Ship control officer of the watch - put a short blow into numbers 2 and 4....."