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Subjective medical records

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I requested my medical records from my GP after looking through the medical assessment rubric. I am concerned I'll be rejected on the "candidates with recurrent faints are normally graded P8".

About 3 years ago, I cut my finger quite badly at work and fainted. I was still quite out of it when some people tried to help me into a back room, which caused me to faint again. Both faints were less than 30 seconds each.

As a precaution, I was taken to urgent care. All tests they conducted came back as normal, and I explained what had happened. They were happy to let me go. I have not fainted since.

My medical records document this as I have explained, but as an episode of recurrent fainting, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. (The only other time I have fainted was when I was 11 years old going through a growth spurt) I am worried that I will be graded P8 and get rejected.

To cut a long story short, my question is will my medical be given all the context, does that depend on how my GP phrases it on the form he fills out? Will I have strong grounds for an appeal? Would it be best to see a cardiologist as part of my appeal? (I'm trying to think 3 steps ahead)

Does your application immediately cease if you don't consent for the MOD to access your medical records? Can you provide your own medical records instead?


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Your GP will be asked about your medical history in full.
Perhaps speak to them about it and see what response you get first.
And then re assess an application, are you male or female as some girls can faint on their periods?


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If only there was a thread for this
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