Subject: Michael Jackson Update

The FBI have been searching his home....

They found Class A drugs in the kitchen.

And Class B drugs in the lounge.

And Class 5c in the bedroom...
Mich Hucknall is at it too

The Simply Red lead singer was seen shagging a rabbit.....

A reproter said he was 'Holding back the ears because Bunny's to tight too mention'
Celebs eh? My mate down the pub said big Frank Bruno wasn't in hospital for a breakdown. Said he was just fcuking crackers.

And Frank didn't need the publicity for a new album.
I hear that MJ is doing a duet with Elton John, i think the title of their first track was going to be "I wont let your son go down on me"

Sha-mone mother fcuker!
Wacko Jacko, Arnie, Stallone and a bunch of kids are all in a plane together. Something terrible happens, and the plane starts to go into a nose dive. The three intrepid heroes rush to the back of the plane, only to find that there are only three parachutes. Stallone grabs one, puts it on, and gets ready to jump. Arnie says, "Wait! What about the kids?" Stallone replies, "F*ck the kids..."
Wacko Jacko: "We don't have time."
What did the woman on the beach say to MJ?
Excuse me but you're in my son

What does MJ pass around after dinner?

What does MJ have in common with whiskey?
They both come in tots

Right thats enough i'll get me coat


That's why he changed from being Black to White - so he'd fit the under 14's better.

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