How about some more brooms!
Oh, and some home grown airtroopers.
and a forecast of events that thinks before going to print
and more hilarious goings on in the welfare dept.
More sigs sgt's getting banged out by their troops.
More CO's trimming fences on their check rides.
More airtroopers going insane.
Nutty bats driving pi**ed round a full pan.
Wattisham ain't so's like a good episode of Eastenders on a good day.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Tell us more about this sigs Sgt getting sparked

Who was it, initials only will do


A certain Sgt of the antarctic found himself on the end of an unprovoked mutiny at his christmas 'do'.
Nice fella, fought well but got blind-sided.
The accused may end up doing some stir if forecast of events allows. ;D


Indeed, Wiley Coyote's finest.
He's a good lad, somewhat miserable, but certainly didn't deserve it. T'was a case of second hand info sprinkled with lager and served with a side-dish of thug mentality.
The top coyote is pushing for the glass house & out but in todays current climate that means losing a months worth of "stag-on" in the form of two atpr's.
Sadly, discipline costs too much these days. :(


The offender will probably be promoted as well


Mr bigglesworth as u know me u will understand when i say i agree about the promotion, ive found that to get promoted in the northen regiment especially u need to follow the following criteria
a,  u need to be in the rank for only 12 months
b.  u need to b RTUd from a country for leatherin a bloke down town lashed
c.   or u need to have a live  ND

so to recoup im gonna get promoted this year cos im gnna go on tour somewhere kick f**k out of someone preferebly a knob get RTUd and then have an ND

                      RESULT  ;D


War Hero
hey wankderch, how about a more likely chain of events:

you go abroad and get the crap kicked out of you, then get RTU'd whereby your mate shoots you whilst inadvertantly having a live ND..........

;) ;) ;)

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