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I am involved in recruiting for 4Lancs or 4th Battalion The Duke of Lancasters which includes a Royal Regiment of Fusiliers detachment.
Ace! Hoping to join Duke of Lancs (Manchester) soon, just waiting for medical papers for the doc and hopefully selection Oct 2nd/3rd!

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I have now updated the stickies in the first post. If anyone else wants to volunteer as an SME for their unit or role, please post here and I will keep adding to the list.

This is potentially a good way for people to research units they wish to join or transfer into, so please only volunteer if you are actively involved in the trained strength of the unit. History is very interesting and recruits are very welcome in the new army reserve, but expertise comes with current knowledge of the unit involved from a trained soldier/officer perspective.


Not TA but happy to cover HMS Ferret in the RNR as i used to do recruitment for the unit and am still active in it. Pm me for more info if needed about location of the golden rivet!

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Courses, trade streams, career progression, entry requirements, tech stuff etc etc etc.

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War Hero
Please add me to the list. I'm in the recruiting cell at the Royal Yeomanry. I'm based at the Putney Bridge Squadron (HQ) but can help out with enquiries for any of the Squadrons

Big Avo

I can cover any questions relating to 103 Regiment Royal Artillery (Reserve)
Locations: St Helens, Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester and Wolverhampton.

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