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Having requested access to my military records on the 30th of May from those wonderful people at Kentigern House Not much apart from a flurry of letters proving that the Brazilian rain forests are near extinct seems to be forthcoming. :?

Letter received on the 7th June informing me that a wait of three months is to be expected. Poor service! :x

Another missive dated 5th July that breaks the news that they will not be able to meet the 40 day deadline outlined in the DPA 1998 that they set for conclusion of the matter. :x :x

My simple quest is why did they set a deadline that they can't achieve and don't seem to be really bothered about? Lots of apologies and understanding, however still no records. 8O

Have any fellow arrsers experienced the same delays and paper trail?

Hi mate,

Join the club! Look at my post same more or less as your request. I did get some records back, however my private reports are apparantly missing??? Even my red book has no mention of attachment to 1 Cheshires (for an exercise Fort Lewis, USA!)

Im in TA, Glasgow good old Glasgow also do not have me down as RRU trained and it was the 1st course i ever done in Battalion. So i think its both Battalion and Glasgow at fault!
Thank you folks, letter on it's way to the Info Comm with much vented spleen. I am annoyed at the fashion in which the MOD at Kentigern House fail to abide by the standards they set themselves. :x

My thanks to you all for the info and support


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