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Hi everyone.

A quick question for all subbies. I've only got a few weeks left at the glorious 'Hurst before I enter the big wide world, and just wanted subbies experiences on their initial infantry attachment. Did you get enough command responsibility or was it an anti-climax? It's something I'm really looking forward to as my other choice was an infantry choice, so I'm still hoping I'll get my hands dirty as a bona fide pl comd this way. Also it were you all posted on ops?
all the best, hope you enjoy it. i personally think it is one thing the Corps does of which we can be proud. it produces a far finer officer, when they come with some actual experience of leading and managing "the men".

i've seen both ends of the spectrum, working extensively with other capbadges. i can honestly say that if they all did infantry attachments for 6 months prior to going off to their capbadge, their blokes would benefit massively.

we take it for granted that we receive a very high standard of junior officer. this is partly due to selection, but also owes a large debt, i feel, to giving them that wider field army experience before they come anywhere near their first OC's job.

i'm not the best person to answer any of your questions voice, i'm sure at least one of the subbies will jump in and share the gen with you. but from the ones i've encountered out there in the rest of the army, they tended to be chucked in as a platoon commander (though i've encountered at least one "in the rear with the gear"). it has traditionally been in operational theatres, but i guess northern ireland is - whilst technically not warm and fluffy for a while yet - probably the last choice they will send you to. it's just too quiet nowadays. so would probably anticipate the balkans, iraq or afghanistan.

but i must stress i'm hardly in the loop for this kind of thing and it's just my opinion. could be complete bollox. most of what i say is :)


I haven't been a subbie for a fair number of years so my experience is probably somewhat out of date, but here goes.

I got to command an Inf platoon for the best part of a year on operations in South Armagh in the mid-80's. For large chuncks of that time I actually wound up commanding a half company location - in Newry - due to the absence of a Coy 2ic. A tremendous experience for me, during which I grew up considerably. It will be what you make of it: join in with everything and never play the 'I'm in the Int Corps' card and you should find you fit in with no trouble at all. Have fun.
Sorry, 'Voice', but there's something about your initial post here which grips my sh*t very, very tightly.

Possibly you haven't yet started to understand the ethos of the organisation you're about to be a part of (or possiby I never did, in almost a quarter century - ..very possible.....)

Your very first duty is to be a thinking, managing, constructive part of the organisation. Out of that comes 'leading'. 'Commanding' is secondary in 90% of cases.

Read a bit and you'll see how many ********* have come unstuck so many times. There could be a thesis here...
Listen to what the Warrant officers and SNCOs tell you, and you'll do fine.
Ignore them, and they will take great delight in watching you dig a large hole for yourself. :)
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