Subaru model?

It's not a Legacy. In the UK, that model was known as the DL Series. 1.6 or 1.8 litre horizontally opposed 4 banger. 1.8 could be had as a 4x4, much beloved of NI farmers.

At least tell us why you are trying to ID a 30-year old car...

(Suddenly remembers first student car - Datsun 120Y - with affection....)
Not sure I'd agree. We had one (the GL model though), '86, first models with catalytic converter and non-permanent 4WD. It was in service till 2000, when it gave in to rust and had 100,000 miles, original clutch, nothing but minor repairs, petrol, oil and tires.

Compared to today, it is obviously a pile of shite, however, for the mid 80s, it wasn't all that bad and we used the 4WD a lot. Come to think of it, no one else really had 4WD on regular passenger cars...
We had one of these in Brunei, Mk1 DL

Bought in 1979 brand new, sold in 1984 and still looking good.

Brunei has 100% humidity and is coastal so most things rust fast. I do believe that Subarus bought there had additional rust proofing treatment. Z-bart I think.

It made an impression on me (especially the plastic upholstary) I now run a Subaru Outback myself :)
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