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Nope only getting payed as a Sgt - Apparently its a rank ranged post these days, its only certain units that are are entitled to SSgt Regt Acct ie Sandhurst
You would only get substitution pay if the post was established for a SSgt. Presumably your AGC (SPS) so should know that. That will explain why your only a Sgt.
madmackem14 said:
have been down that line paywog. My post is designated a SSgt. So hopefully i will win out in the end.
If the post is a SSgt post then you are entitled to Substitution Pay. What argument is being used to refuse it??

I have seen many "regimental" pers grated Sub Pay/POHR over the years offset against a gap elswhere in the unit just because their face fit - to actually be doing a job established for a higher rank and not to be paid for it stinks.

If the argument is that the establishment is going to be changed to Sgt then you are entitled to Sub Pay until such a change is promulgated.

Yes my post is established for a SSgt and has been since April 2004. My illutrious SPS branch have decided that because my post is in the process of being downgraded (since 2002/3), they won't authorise the SUPA for me. SPS at Div are looking into it for me, so fingers crossed.

Do all applications for sub pay in your unit go via SPS Branch?? - there is no reason for that - check the rules - up to 6 months authorised by CO, over 6 months auth by Bde (G1 not SPS!!) over 12 up the chain (the G1 chain not SPS)- if your current establishment states that your post is a SSgt post you are entitled to sub pay. SPS branches are not there to make policy only to ensure it is correctly applied, they, far too regularly, get ideas above their station. Your RAO should show a bit of backbone, follow the correct procedure and ensure you are paid the dosh whilst you are still entitled to it. Only when the establishment change is agreed and published should you lose the sub pay. If you look at this situation from the other way round, do you think SPS branch would be pushing for you to be getting sub pay if the post was about to be upgraded - I'm positive you wouldn't see a penny until the estab was changed!! - might be worth using that argument??

(Rant over)

It would seem that you have prior knowledge of my RAO. Yes the form was authorised by all and sundry in the unit, including the CO, but the RAO said "I will just check with Bde and let them know what i am doing".

Thankfully, i do seem to be getting some where with this thanks to a helpful WO1 at Div. The light is now visible at the end of the tunnel.
Is your post established for SSgt? I know a lot have already been changed to Sgt. If the 8005 still shows SSgt you should get Sub pay - no arguments!
Yes i did get an answer eventually.

Although on the 8005 we are established for a SSgt i am not entitled to SUPA. The answer i was given by HQ Land no less, is that although we are established for a SSgt, it is a fault of the Corps for not changing the establishment.

The long and trhe short of it is NO sub pay for me.
MM - sounds like you've been fobbed off to me. Who at land gave you this answer? If the 8005 says SSgt you are entitled to SUPA - End of!!!
If only it was that simple !!

It was the same for my FSA at Marchwood. She replaced a WO2 and was replaced by a WO2 but no SUPA when she was there.

Still she got promoted out of it when she left, so not all bad !!

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