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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by k13eod, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. I did a search and couldn't find a thread about diving in general ... if there is one then mods please bin!

    The week after next I am off to the Red Sea for a weeks diving expedition with BLESMA, the first such diving expedition for the organisation. If successful it is likely that diving will join the list of other rehabilitation activities offered by BLESMA. Not having dived for a couple of years I am really looking forward to it and have been sorting my kit out this week, chasing the spiders out of the regulators and making sure everything works. Really looking forward to it and hopefully it will get me enthusiastic enough to get back into regular diving although in recent years my aching old bones prefer holiday diving to the harsh extremes of British seas!

    There seems a fair few people on here who like to get their heads wet on occasion so maybe we should have our own thread, a place to seek/offer advice on all matters diving? A place where you can tell alll what is your best/worst diving experience/destination/holiday? What kit you have and whats good and whats not? Or any other diving related matter whether it be air sucking or mixed gas or rebreather or even just the simple pleasures of snorkelling (no muff divers please!!!)

    So to get the ball rolling, I've never dived the Red Sea (live-aboard out of Sharm El Sheikh) ... experiences anyone?
  2. I was lucky enough to spend a few years working out of Saudi up at Khamis Mushayt on the Saudi/Yemeni border. We were 10k' up the side of the mountain. One weekend we would go climbing, the next drive down to the sea. With Saudi being a closed country the diving was superb, relatively unspoilt as the only people diving were a few Brits and the odd Septic -aren't they all? :wink:

    It was a hairy drive down the escarpment as anyone with driving experience of the Middle East will tell you-eyes closed, foot down and pray! :roll:

    Once there though there were three reefs, one at 6 mtrs, one at 18 and the next about 25mtrs. Amazing dives and if you wanted decent photo's it was all available on the 6 metre reef with all the colours there. Good to defizz at that level after a deep dive too, lots to look at and not just boring hanging on a line.

    Of course with driving back up to altitude you had to be even more careful, the old computers couldn't handle it, I believe they take it in their stride now though.

    Dive kit was a 3mm shorty or shorts and a 'T', it was like getting into a warm bath....halcyon days. 8)
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I learnt to dive in the Red Sea, based out of Hurgharda. I had a great time, water was warm (December) and clear, the underwater life was fantastic. I think I was lucky going out of season and quite early in the life of Hurgharda as a diving location (it was 2000 when I went), it's probably busier nowadays. A liveaboard should be a nicer experience again as you get to the dive sites that the shorebased guys don't..probably less crowded.

    I've also dived in the following places:

    South Coast UK - wouldn't do UK diving again unless it was wreck or archealogical sites.
    Corfu - never again, idiot as a divemaster/guide, couldn't stop and look - you have to use local guides in Greek waters.
    Cyprus - great few dives on a wreck of a cargo ship, would definitely do it again.
    Mauritius - just after a tropical storm had come through, got 3 free dives with the local conservation officer to check for damage to the reefs...another place i'd go again.

    If you want some one who is a bit rusty but willing then give me a shout.

  4. When I'm not STABing I teach diving instructors... so any help needed please just ask
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I been diving for about 18 years, instructing for 14 years and have some diving business interests. The mrs worked as a full time instructor for a few years too.
    Mainly dive open circuit trimix in the med and recreational Red Sea liveaboards at the moment.

    Have done roughly 20 liveaboards out of Sharm or Hurgada over the years, plus about 10 down south.
  6. I used to dive quite regularly but my mate buggered off to Oz where he's now a diving instructor and the club I was a member of folded (maybe I'm jinxed!) so haven't dived for a couple of years now which is a bit frustrating as like K13 I've probably got spiders lurking in my regs!
    Went to Sharm about 4 years ago and have a cracking time, even sitting on the roof of the Camel Bar (is it still there?) in the early hours and supping ale watching the sun come up.
  7. My first 'open water' dive was about 19 years ago on a crisp January morning in Yateley lake. I borrowed a dry suit for the dive ... hah! Spent half an hour in 6m of ditch water (could have got another half metre if I'd wriggled into the layer of duck sh!t on the bottom). Saw a perch that looked as perplexed as me just before the zip on the dry bag popped and I got drenched. Deep joy when I got back to 'dry land' to find that my clothes (including shoes) had fcuked off back to camp in the other car ... soggy and freezing I got a lift back with my buddy thinking WTF am I doing this sh!t for!

    I used to dive a lot in the UK and had some great dives particularly off the Lizard and in Northern Ireland (especially Rathlin) but sort of gave it up when I did a dive on HMS Hood in Portland. Viz was so sh!t I only found 14,000 tonnes of battleship when I banged me head off it.

    Best diving I have done is definately the Falklands (did 50 down there), Ascension, Malta, Gibraltar, Bali and Thailand. Worst has to be Greece and Lebanon ... all fished out and nothing to see.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Dry suit on your first dive? You are lucky you did'nt drown :D

    Ascension - dived there for 3 weeks, would love to go back.....
  9. One of my 'ahem' finer moment! Nearly popping up in a shipping lane!!

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  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    PADI divers with snorkels - pah :D
  11. Ha Ha!! Bloody needed it that dive I can tell you! Though the chap with me was BSAC and he had the day-glo yellow one!
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Betchya had knife strapped on your calf big enough to disembowel a small whale too, didntchya?
  13. In the days when dive training was pool, pool, pool and more pool :D

    A diving knife only needs to be large enough to draw sufficient blood from your buddies thigh to distract a shark whilst you ascend. :wink:
  14. No I didn't!! Though my ex RE diving amigo had allsorts of limpet mines etc attached to him!
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its not important to be able to outswim sharks - but it is important to be able to outswim your buddy........

    I used to dive with a guy who had lost his left leg at the knee. He had no problems at all diving except for schlepping his gear over broken ground to get to dive site entries.
    His false limb was not able to tolerate water immersion, so he used to leave it on the shore or in the boat - always looked a bit bizarre to other onlookers :D

    Very interested in your trip BTW, pending my very limited availability, I would be able to support future activities.