Sub-aqua Exped - Help!

There is an outside chance that I may be able to help organise a sub-aqua exped, to take place in early summer next year.
There is an even more remote chance that funds might be available to help support it - but the odds improve if I can find a suitably military/educational reason for going.

Much as Scapa, Isle of Wight and Plymouth would be able to throw up a few military-type dive sites, I was hoping to find warmer waters to explore. Has anyone got any experience of overseas dive sites that I could blag as a 'Staff Ride'? Somewhere warm and sunny would be nice :)

All (polite) suggestions gratefully received.

HI - I have been on several diving expeds with the forces both UK and abroad. Although an aim must be provided and is nice if it can be a military link, it is not mandartory. Simply introducing soldiers to a new and challenging envoirment is sufficient. Military exped centres exist in Gibraltar, Ascension Island, Belize and Cyprus, bids must be made for each exped "slot". Although it can be just as easy to organise a civilianised exped almost anywhere in the world (political clearance allowing). Trips have been run to Egypt, Malta, Spain, Jordan, Australia, to name just a few. Hope this helps.
Try Corfu...corfudivers is run by an ex-greek SF guy, Angelos. SBS go there every year apparently for a little light swimming and mountaineering!! You could cook up some swill about SOE and Raiding Forces in the Ionian Sea as a cover legend..erm..subject of military interest.
I worked in Gozo (small island of Malta) as a diving instructor last year, I can make up a bullsh1t military related story for all the dive sites on the island but only if I can get a freeride too!
been to medas islands and if i am honnest found them boring, plus the guys who had to wear the same suits there as they wore in the uk, can highly recomend SA else why to follow everyone else and go to the red sea, there have been enough exbeds out there for you to look at for "advice"

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