Sub Aqua AT Exped - advise please!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by barmy_babe, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. I am trying to organise an exped in October for 12 divers, probably to Malta or Egypt. Can anyone give me any suggestions of companies they have used for boat hire and guides in either location? Recommendations much appreciated!!
  2. Try here...


    Good boats, very good reputation.

  3. Barmy Babe?

    Much luck?
    I'm doing similar. I'm looking at BlueOTwo and Camel,.
    How are you getting on for SADs and other instructors?
  4. Do NOT use Blue O2!

    We had the misfortune to book a liveaboard with them in 2006 and it was a ******* nightmare.

    1. They assured us there would be NITROX available on board - No NITROX available.

    2. The lower deck berths flooded with raw sewage on day 2 - cue the lads sleeping on deck for the remainder of the trip.

    3. The crew emptied the bilge tanks just as divers were breaking the surface after a dive, which was nice for those who love scatology.

    On the plus side the diving was fantastic and our Dutch female dive guide was humped every night by various exped members, the schlong loving slut.
  5. Blue o two are one of the more highly rated companies these days - their boats esp in the Red Sea are top of the line, although they did seem to have a bad patch before the new boats were launched.
  6. If you are considering Camel at Sharm I can put you in touch with one of their instructors if you want to do any advance checking or requests for the area. Ex-Matelot and unusually reliable even for that ;-)

    Let me know and I will PM his details to you.