Style over substance - still the best policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Incredible_Toad, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Tony Blair is a charlatan. Anyone with the remotest nouce knows this. From
    the early days when he stole the Labour Party from John Grudge to the
    present day, exposed as a liar who deceived his country into a war which
    he'll just walk away from in the next few months. But the lesson he's taught
    us all is just how much, and for how long, you can sell snake oil to idiots.

    One of those idiots is reported in today's Telegraph as being Elton John;

    ""If I was to say what I am, I'd be a Labour man," he tells next month's GQ
    magazine. "I like Tony Blair a lot, I think he's a good man....""

    Cast your mind back to 1997 and Blair's triumphant march into Downing St.
    The glittering array of New Aristocracy that trooped in and out of number 10
    grinning like fools, were blissfully unaware of the extent to which Blair,
    Mandelson and Campbell were exploiting them. These people - celebs - have
    great influence. The Vicky Pollards of this country (and they are legion)
    will vote how they think Noel Gallagher would vote. Not for them the boring
    and mundane process of thinking.

    The cringingly obvious stealing of New Labour's clothes by David Cameron,
    however facile and see-through, is again proof of the effectiveness of
    Blair's style-over-substance formula. Cameron unashamedly copies it and is
    almost instantly rewarded in the polls.