stvwardys problem......

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stvwardy, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. just got back from making my appointment, due to deferral on health grounds.

    while there the nurse/receptionist opened the letter for the GP, and told me that the ADSC doctor seemed to think i have

    "a palpable liver edge"

    anyone know what this is....what it does for you......

    as far as i know i shouldnt have anything wrong with my liver....

    i hardly drink and eat healthy most of the time, {occasional BBQ}

    Anyone put my fears to rest....?

    cheers people! :D
  2. Palpable in medical terms means that he can feel the edge of your liver. Why this should be a problem is beyond me.
  3. Google is your friend!
  4. cheers for that Pyrex.....nice to know!! 8)

    apparently he shouldnt be able to feel my liver easily......

    then again he practically got his arm under my ribs looking for it.....

    maybe the doctor who tests me is gonna slip him some of the fee.....
  5. Forces Doctors or just civilian failed vets.

    Take anything they say witha pinch of salt, and dont let them put the thermometer up your arse like they did to me!!
  6. Are you sure it was a thermometer :?
  7. Sounds like you're gonna die :p

    I think it's to do with you not having enough fat around your pits lol
  8. i'll admit, im not the fittest of men, {cant do any heaves....though i claim i can.}

    and did the run in 11mins on selection

    however i gave my all, and intend to completely on Phase 1.

    hope my SNCO is least then i'd know i'd have a SNCO with a sense of humour.
    seriously "The_Iron" the advice given before selection really helped.....especially on the Run when i felt like giving up....but didnt, and it felt good when the corporal recognised those who'd busted his ass getting round the course and told them about it.

    cheers again "The_Iron"
  9. Not sure at all!

    Three cheers for The_Iron!

    Hip Hip Horrah!!!

    Hip Hip Horrah!!!

    Hip Hip Hoorah!!!
  10. indeed.....hip hip Hoorah!!!!! :) :lol:

    dont beast me now! :D