Sturmgewehr 57 Assault Rifle


Anyone seen this rifle before?

Yes, why, is there a reward or prize? I woudn't say no to a new sandwich toaster.
Waithbrate said:
Just never came across one before, Looks like an old WW2 german MG

WWII?!!?! Gosh! German?!!? Wow !! Thinks Nazis!!!!! Thinks coooolll dude, its a gun that looks like a genuine SS Deathshead secret issue to brandenburger commandos doing something dead secret probably to do with hidden gold, I wonder if Sven Hassel wrote about it - bet he did!! .......etc

Tw*t its a gun, they amazingly tend to look similar as the principle tends to be the same in which ever Country makes them. Only jerk offs want them to belong to the never ending Nazi wonderweapons Channel 5 memoribilla circus.

Ohhhh look snow - just like the Russian Front!!!!!! Nazi Stormtroopers once trod on something similar, PHWOAR!!!

Whats the German for snow? I bet it sounds well hard and well...German
Not only seen one, but handled, stripped, cleaned, and fired in 300 m competition. I may even have won a medal with one.

Does that answer your bone question?
Waithbrate said:
Just never came across one before, Looks like an old WW2 german MG

Shows how much you know about World War II German machine guns. It doesn't look anything like one.

Hint: "Sturmgewehr" means "assault rifle", and "57" is the year of adoption.

Oh, and it is not German.


Had one issued to me for the time I was attached to that army. Heavy, but a wonderful piece of machinery. Skiied with it, just like the baddies in that James Bond film. Built-in bipod made it easy to shoot. At range days they used to hand out full-charge rifle grenades to anyone who fancied blowing away part of the backstop. Some of the range days and live-firing section attacks were held in local urban parks - quick check to make sure no pedestrians in the beaten zone. The keep-at-home mobilisation ammo was 24 rnds (one mag full) in a ring-pull can. If you wanted more ammo to shoot at your village's 300m range, you just filled your pockets at the end of the military range day - none of this "I have no rounds or empty cases etc" nonsense.... LOL, the whole experience was so different from UK Plc....

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