stupidest thief of the year award

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by batfink, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. oldbaldy

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    Trying for a Darwin, wonder if he/she succeeded :twisted:
  2. Reminds me of a mate who did a bit of labouring digging holes for some company during his student days. The JCB hit a mains power cable causing an almighty bang scaring the sh1t out of them and taking out half of Swindon's electricity. I've heard stories about the buckets on the diggers melting but I think this is an urban myth.
  3. maybe they just threw it at the power lines.... either way... retards.
  4. Natural selection at work, I love it :twisted:

    This is nothing new :D

    The pikey gits round here do it slightly more intelligently.

    First they dig up the cable,

    Tie a truck too it.

    Then rip a huge length out, blowing the main substation, TWATS!!! :x
  5. and Pikeys wonder why they are hated.
  6. Haha, beat me to it. I read the article and the first thing I thought was, "Another contender for the Darwin Award."

    The stupidity of some people is simply astounding.
  7. I heard a story from a ex matelot sparky, he reckons a bloke got vaporised on a sub once, the only thing left was his smoking boots!
  8. three that I have seen in my city (in Massachusetts)

    1) young man was working for the gas co., using a air powered jackhammer with a spade bit about 6 inches across. He jackhammered in to a 4.8kV underground line. The blast vaporized a semicircle about 4 inches in diameter from the edge of the bit. The hot gases burned the inside if his thighs and the tender bits in between to the extent that there was charring. Severe damage to his male parts. He was a college student working a summer job to make money for school.

    2) During a power outage I was talking to a electric co foreman to get a prognosis of the outage duration. He went back down the hole to check the cables. 60 seconds after I spoke to him a worker at the power plant threw the wrong switch and energized the cables. Major blast! Dougie, the guy down the hole was charred black all over his body, all clothes burned off. Killed instantly. A worker leaning over the manhole had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his chest and under his chin.

    3) Always keep a major distance between you and a smoking manhole. There was a fire in a manhole with 4.8kV and 13kV circuits and a breakdown transformer inside. I went to my car to use my phone and the transformer exploded. The 250lb manhole cover turned into metallic gravel. The largest piece of the cover was about 3 inches square. I kept it a a paperweight to remind myself NEVER to get close to a smoking manhole.

    Re the thieves described at the start of this thread there was a similar incident in another Mass. city. The two thieves tried to dut the cables with a bolt cutter. Both were found quite dead on the ground next to the sib-station.

    NEVER underestimate the power of a high voltage line!!
  9. Remind me to stay clear of you - you're obviously a Jinx! You send a man down a hole to check a cable, and he gets frazzled, then you use a phone and a manhole erupts. scary....
  10. Regards melted buckets etc.

    I still have the remains of a battery terminal and lug from a Land Rover some where. The battery terminal was a bolt of basically 6mm thickness, the lug is about 3mm thick.

    Some loony attempted to plug the PDB in the back of Land Rover to the Battery terminal, but had a load of equipment plugged to it, and worse most of equipment was on.

    Cue spark, and 200A (being the max output of the batteries) at 24v managed to cut said bolt in two, and melt away half of the terminal. The Brass plating of the terminal was coated to the lug too.

    It is just like arc welding.

    No imagine what a 24,000V line can do to a digger bucket? I would easily guess there would be plate sized vapouration. The temperature of a spark is in the 000's of degrees (I'd have to look it up) that is why you get the burns.

    Re Notts/Derby thief. I hope he really suffering where ever he is. The theifing scum. Also I wouldn't mind if he is dead. Thus fulfilling the Darwin Award requirement for removing ones genes from the human race.

    This is one muppets genes we don't want polluting the race.
  11. So let me get this straight, they were trying to steal the copper cable ?
  12. Yep, whilst it was live!!!!!!


    Hopefully there is some retard cutting about with a stump for a hand.
  13. well he was a 'bright spark' to think of cutting through a live cable!!!!

  14. Shocking!!! Sorry could not resist. :skull: There are some serious Neandertholic chavs out there. (thought it was a good idea after a pint of cider???) :pale: