Stupid Tw*t No 3

If Morrissey says that they're theirs then it must be so. He should know being an educated man.
I seem to recall that Morrissey sells a sh*d load of records in Argentina so he's got a vested interest in licking their arses.

One actor and two musicians come out of the closet in favour of Argentina lording it over the Falklands. Woooaaahhhh mummy, I'm scared.
I notice these twats dont proclaim their anti British rants until they are in Argentina, hmmm! wonder why that is?, scurvy fuckers all of them, they need fucking with the wide end of a Ragmans bugle.
It amuses me how these bellends think anyone will listen to them and that spouting their views will make a difference.

The sooner they get it into their thick overpaid fucking skulls, that the Falkland Islands are ours and they will say that way until the Islanders say otherwise, the fucking better.


I'm so outraged that if I hear another record by that miserable po faced cunt with a Gladioli up his arse, I'm going to hang the DJ!!!
Now that's quite an elevated pantheon isn't it?

Morrissey, Penn and, err, "Gorgeous George" Galloway.

We should send Galloway over in his pussy cat outfit and see what the Argies make of it.
I wish I could say that I will never buy another one of his records again but I can't because i never have anyway, the overrated, boring, self-regarding, dirge-singing cnut.

Fenian b*stard!
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