Stupid Things Done On tour

Was he a Roman?
Duck Dodgers said:
Romanes Eunt Domus
What's this, then? 'Romanes Eunt Domus'? 'People called Romanes they go the house'?
Changing the subject from the roman set that was creeping into this thread.

I am sure many of us have done many a stupid things whilst on Tour, from taking a speed boat hired in Bosnia into some shallow water, bottoming it out, which wrecked the prop and hull, them swimming off and leaving it,

To covering Hex blocks in Jam and chucking them at the local kids for them to nosh on, only after they had handed the brush back from cleaning the wagon in the local river.

Even had an american chopper land near our place once, and the pilot let us have a look in, all switches flicked, and causing the pilot a big delay to take off again for his pre flight checks.

To even catching a mates pet tarantula spider and releasing into the girls showers. Watching them all come running out in there towels..

Ahhh they were the days
ragyman said:
I was recantly talking to one of my oppos and they told me about one of their soldiers, who was caught throughing bricks at dogs. Whilste on 'Centurary Dutie'.

When asked why he said "well if they don't want bricks lobed at them, they shouldn't be out after dark".

When I heard I pi''ed myself laughing. Not very ethical but still very very funny. I drow the line at believing that the soldier was RAVC.

:lol: :cry:
oppo?? do they have them in the ACF?
C_C - Probably his reflection in the mirror where he sees himself as a guardsman as well :wink:

He needs to write out 1000 times ROMANS GO HOME! before sunrise or I'll cut his balls off!!

Sabre said:
To even catching a mates pet tarantula spider and releasing into the girls showers. Watching them all come running out in there towels..

Ahhh they were the days
in their towels? Bummer
I remember one time on tour a bunch of us spent the entire time flashing or mooning passing cars/trucks when we were on the road. Ahhhhh the things you do when younger. :wink:
as a young impressionable sprog I got told many tales and got to share one of me own with the ranks later in life, I was on an opperational tour and I came unstuck on a suprise visit from my det cmdr.... here we go...

Got caught in-appropriately dressed.. ie helemet, webbing, splat jacket removed and hanging up on a nail and my personal weapon about 5 feet from me.. to be honest I was just biffing it on duty... the the det cmdr came in and flipped out so I told him I was having a thrap.... should have seen his face!! he went purple blood red then flipped out screaming "you were masturbsating on a sangar"?!!!!!!. I went yep!.. he went CO's!! I went oh dear.

Anyways went on CO's and spoke to the RSM before hand I said I wanted to tell him the truth so I did and the RSM went "I know you werent up to anything I was listening to you and your mate having a casual chat on the intercom".

Long story short.. £250.00, 3 month report and sent from D Coy to C Coy!! and the charge?... incorrectly dressed and stating a falshood.

Most expensive none-w4nk I have ever had in me life lol.


ragyman said:
Just because I'm in the ACF it doesn't mean I don't have oppos in the regular army you know. Considering my old man has been in for come up to 24 years and soon to be an OAS.

And I am a Guardsman just in the ACF.
So you are in the Corp Of Bums then? 8O

and you Dad shags sheep for a living? 8O

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