Stupid stupid people(but so so funny)

Whilst attached to the TA we had a regular Battery Fitter Section (of sorts). It consisted of 1 Tiffy ECE, 2 Sgt ECE, 1 SGT VM, 1 CPL ECE, and 1 Civilian Fitter (CPL VM at weekends) to maintain and repair the equipment ready for the TA at weekends/ Drill Nights.

As it was a fairly light, but top heavy section, one of the ECE Sgt's would act as the Tiffy's driver whilst on exercise. Steve was his driver on this occasion

On this occasion, the Tiffy came back to our location after an 'O' group p!ssing himself laughing. We managed to get the story out of him.

Tiff had gone to the 'O' group, and left Steve sat in the LR. Steve had promptly fallen asleep. When the 'O' group finished, Tiff had came back, jumped in the LR and said "Right Steve, back to location please mate."

Steve looked at Tiff, one foot on the brake, the otherfoot on the clutch, put the LR into gear, released the handbrake, lifted the clutch whilst simultaneously taking the foot off the brake and depressing the accelerator.

The LR did not move. Steve looked at Tiff as if to say "Fcuks Sake Tiff, there's summat up with the LR."

Tiff looked at Steve and said " Start the fcuking engine then Steve, will you?"

Steve still gets the p!ss taken out of him for his 'Stealth Rover'

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