Stupid Spam "morale" patches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stayangry, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. I despair.

    I really do.

    As you will know, a lot of US military gear now has Velcro patches for the temporary addition of name tapes and other labels.

    Well, I was just looking at a site dedicated to military kit and spotted a whole lot of labels, obviously aimed at military or paramilitary users.

    Take a look at this one:

    This one is especially bad, as it even seems to have an Arabic translation to ensure maximum offence.

    These are also pretty ill-advised:

    The frightening thing is that the vendor claims to have “military support” in the production of this stuff.

    Can this be true?

    Are there really US troops wandering around Iraq and Afghanistan with patches like this on their clothing?

    Could they really be so foolish?

    This is surely just grist to the propaganda mill of Muslim extremists all over the world. Imagine how a soldier wearing these patches would appear in Al-Jazeera or an Arab newspaper.

    Will Americans never learn? Or are they all ignorant, arrogant xenophobes, totally out of their depth in Fourth Generation warfare?


  2. I dunno I kinda like the infidel one......
  3. Ha ha, I'd love to get some of those!
  4. Made me laugh think the idea is to wear the patch and take it off in the presence of a grown up .Idiotic squaddie humour .
  5. Latest rig for our cousins;

  6. I'm with Stayangry, f*cking idiots. no wonder any good we do is never remembered.
  7. Hey its 4 PARA's headshed!

    honk honk

    Ill get my smock....

  8. Thought the team america one was good :D - Can't believe people are gettign on their high horses about this. No proof whatsover of it going on yet typical stereotyping the Yanks again.
  9. Seconded. Can you not see the 3 Cdo bde wearing Royal Marines Infadels.

    I'd buy one for a laugh.

    Lighten up for feck sake. 365 days is a long time to spend away from your family. If this raises so much as a giggle from the troops its doing its job. Lets face it, little badges or not. They're all still gonna get blown up or shot at!!!
  10. Also, as said, any proof that troops in theatre are wearing these?

    I doubt that any Officer would let a Soldier wear it, or that any Soldier would be so dumb as to wear it.

    Still, good for a laugh!
  11. We also need to change the op names from telic and herrick to

    Operation Arabian Jihad etc. Just to really pesh em off.

    Yawn. Get a sense of humour.

    Our hoodlums were called the searching sausage. Whenever the interupters enquired what we meant by it we told them. They saw the funny side of it.

    Why is everyone so quick to jump on the back of yanks. If we had done it with our DZ flashes it would have been funny sh1t. Whilst working with the frogs some of our lads carried white flags in the webbing and tied it to all their vehicle antennae. Is that not just another example of peshing one group of peopl for a bit of a laugh. Your argument might be that the french won't blow us up for it. Or, we're not trying to win french hearts and minds. However it's just one of many examples of troops passing the time quicker on tour and I think if you had done a year in theatre you would sympathise and see the funny side
  12. God, wish I'd never started this thread now.

    But, in answer to the question: of course Americans are stupid enough to wear these patches in theatre - they're Americans!

    In any case, it doesn't matter: propaganda does not require facts, only suspicion
  13. Yes, I too though that would be eminently suitable for the Pasta worshipping biped.

  14. Just out of curiosity have you ever worked with them in theatre??? Or have you ever deployed for that matter???

    You mean your sorry we didn't all jump on you "Spam bashing Crusade"
  15. Having seen how the septics are about all being in the same dress and no individuality I would think it very unlikely any would put them on their uniform (unless it was on youtube).

    Looks more like walt patches for the hill tribes to pretend and show support.