Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FredWest, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Quick question for the Legal Minds on here.

    Received a letter on Friday from the Ex's Solicitor reference onging Contact issues, now this letter was blatantly not for my eyes at all!!!

    So what do I do?

    Do I send it back saying thanks, but I don't think that this was for me, but thanks for letting me know where your Client stands?

    Do I keep hold of it and present it at the next hearing, thereby exposing to the judge how sh1te they are as a firm?

    So come on boys and girls, any suggestions?

    Also, do I bubble the solicitors for revealing Client secrets, if so who to?


  2. Its a potential ace up your sleeve. Hang onto it and keep schtum for now.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The letter, if not for you, but for your ex is probably protected by client privilage so you will have to return it.

    If you want to make an issue of how shoite they are, refer them to the Law Society.

    But then your ex might just do that when she finds that you know what she/they plan....
  4. Do you have your own solicitor? Would defeinitely be worth showing them if you have.
  5. AGREED..
  6. Hand the letter over to your solicitor, he will know what to do with it and how to do that in your best interests. Letting the judge know your ex is being represented by incompetants may encourage him to be sympathetic to her.

    Also whilst you may not be able to use the letter in court I am pretty sure you can plan your case based on the contents.

    Good luck
  7. Data Protection. Her sols can be done under the act for disclosing information. I would have a chat with your solicitor about it.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If it was addressed to your ex, then you are interefering with HM mail and that'll get you in jail quicker than you can say "eeeuurrgghh!".

    If it was addressed to you, keep schtum as you may get some more . . .
  10. Go for it, tell your solicitor to question the validity of everything they have done in relation to the case and make sure the hearing judge is aware of this pollockism. Feck them all as a bunch of fleecing leeches.
  11. Make a copy of the letter, rearrange some of the wording and add some of your own text telling her to give up and leave you alone. Then send it to her correct address.

    Job done!
  12. FFS theres no need to shout.......
  13. If it's in your favour....keep it. If it'sin her favour....still f*cking keep it.
  14. 2 things here
    If addressed to ex then you broke the law by interfering with the royal mail - you could photocopy and send original to her and then give copy to your solicitor saying a copy was sent to you.
    If letter was addressed to you but had client details relating to case against you then you could go down the path of DPA and Law Society.

    Speak to your solicitor and get their advice in the first instance.
  15. Not got my own Solicitor, I don't really need one for this, it was addressed to me, not her!!!