Stupid Rules and Stupid People

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Selfpreservationsociety, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. Here's one for you, apparently according to some little red tape bunny somewhere, if guys are training within five miles of their own TAC they can't claim for CILOR, yet we can't get a chef and rations unless they're training more than five miles from their TAC. So how can I get the guys fed in their own TAC when they're training?
  2. Black economy.

    You can't feed your guys from service sources if they're within five miles of their duty station.

    Think of the box, then think around it, and write your Exercise Admin Instruction accordingly.
  3. We feed ourselves from the local chippy
  4. My old unit used to claim rations for our out station for both days.

    Isn't CILOR for training lasting longer than 5 days?
  5. Okay, so the rule does obviously exist. Who do I write to/ kidnap the children of to question this rule that specifically descriminates against the TA as opposed to regular soldiers?
  6. No one's actually answered the question. I've not yet had the idealism knocked out of me so just humour me. My men are not being fed. The only way they get fed is if they sort if out themselves. What if anything can I do to avoid this rule without lieing on admin instructions? Failing that who do I contact to whine at? Usefull contributions only please.
  7. You whine at the chain of command as you should do for any whine you have. If they then fail to act you whine everytime you have a grande fromage visiting you.

    When (notice I don't even bother to entertain the "if"...) this still doesn't work and your youthful idealism has finally run out I'm afraid you resort to the same solution as the rest of us, you get creative on Admin instructions. i.e. programme an activity more than five miles away from the TAC for the periods before and after lunch and get the sloppos to bring out the containers.

    The other solution is that I have not met a QM yet who doesn't have a secret store room somewhere with a larder freezer in it and all the spare cuts of meat, bags of chips, pies etc that he gets in to feed 30 bods when only 15 turn up.